Day 4: The S’more the S’merrier


By Will Vietze

Today was an action-packed Sunday for Apogee! We surfed, paddled, kayaked,  bagpiped (well – virtual bagpipes), traversed, explored, climbed, pedaled, sang, laughed, ate, cooked, wrote, yodeled, learned, birded, farmed, rafted, and adventured all over the world. We’re excited to share the breadth and variety of today’s activities!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

The MCJers went on a day hike through Maine’s Acadia National Park. We in the office are jealous to say the least.

What a crew! Stoked after an Acadia day hike

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Our Capers checked out Thimble Farm to learn about sustainable farming and food systems! They had a strawberry (strawvery? Too much?) fun time.

Can you spot Ben?
Learning about farming right before eating some perfect June strawberries

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

CRM went on a lovely 6-mile hike with sweeping views of Estes and Moraine Parks! Word is: they saw several majestic elk in Moraine Park last night!

Check out that view!
Another epic sunset!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA)

The Caribbean crew shredded some smooth swells on their sweet surfboards (Say that five times fast). Cowabunga!

Surf’s Up!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

The essayists put pen to paper in the morning and then ventured out to sea by kayak on this beautiful summer day. Word is: Jack assumed the persona of Captain Ahab whilst kayaking (He’s currently reading Moby Dick).

Uhh, guys – I think it’s easier if you’re in the water… Just sayin’.
In search of the white whale

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

The DEXters explored Acadia National Park and hiked Champlain Mountain to get a stellar view of Maine’s myriad wonders.

On the peak of Champlain Mountain

Vermont to Montréal (VM)

The Vermonsters tackled the rolling hills of Vermont with big smiles and an even bigger sense of humor. They worked their way through a bike problem, rolled into bucolic Middlebury, and are currently enjoying a pizza dinner in camp. We like pizza, too – should you feel inclined to send any to us at 56 Maine St in Brunswick, ME.

Thumbs way up!

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

The CRLS crew continued to live that pura vida today, rafting the Pacuare River. Not pictured: All the Spanish they used today.

Van ride back from rafting
Muy bonita Turrialba Volcano from el hostel

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

CMCA continued their exploration of Point Reyes National Seashore. While there was an abundance of scenic vistas, there was not an abundance of cellphone coverage. Check in tomorrow for beautiful photos.

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

Jared, Jeanne, and the gang checked out some big trees in Calaveras Big Tree Park. Word is: Jared spotted a Steller’s jay.

That’s a big tree!
Ready to rock!

Coast to Québec (CQA)

CQA continues their journey through Maine’s scenic mid-coast region. L.L. Bean has asked to use these photos in their next catalogue. Well, not really. But they’d love them if they did use them…

Could it get more Maine?
I guess it could

Coast to Québec (CQB)

The CQ Bravos biked through one of Maine’s most scenic coastal regions when not perfecting these dynamic poses. Looks like blue steel to me!

Derek Zoolander? Is that you?
Not sure how this one was taken but it looks great!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA)

MSA rolled through “Big Sky Country” to Townsend,  the birthplace of Dallas star Patrick Duffy (the more you know…).

Classic Montana fence

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

The NWX Alphas absorbed the distinct, frontcountry wonders of Olympic National Park by foot. The jury is still out if they are team Jacob or team Edward (For all you Twilight fans).

Check out those mountains!
Quite the ridgeline

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

The NWXB team explored North Cascades National park on foot. Sean routinely showed off his infinite knowledge of selfies and Washington!

Sean with the selfie!
Strong tree/lake combo in this one

Pacific Coast (PCA)

The PCA squad began their exploration of Oregon’s mystical coastline, arriving in Bullards BeachAccording to Grace, they are “CRUSHING the Seven Devils.” The Seven Devils are the notorious coastal hills – there are seven of them… – that routinely stymie lesser riders.

Where’s Grace?
There she is!
Flexing atop one of the crushed seven devils…

Pacific Coast (PCB)

The PCB squad also pedaled down Oregon’s awe inspiring coastline to Sunset Bay. Miles and Emma report: “We can’t tell if we’re in a Jeep commercial, The Goonies, or a Twilight movie.”

The set of Twilight

Scottish Highland Explorer (SHX)

The highlanders hiked to Inversnaid on a classic Scottish day. In his classic poem “Inversnaid,” Gerard Manley Hopkins writes, “What would the world be, once bereft/ Of wet and of wildness.”

You can practically hear the bagpipes!
Where are ye kilts?

Alps Explorer (AXA)

The Alps Explorer Alphas roamed and yodeled their way through the mountains above Zermatt. The plentiful jaw dropping vistas were apparently too much for their phones to handle. Please check back for updated pictures tomorrow!

Alps Explorer (AXB)

The Alps Explorer Bravos hiked up to Trift Bridge to get a birds eye view of all of Zermatt.

Post yodeling sesh
Doe a deer, a female deer…

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA)

Looking goed, ECC Alpha!

The ECC gang biked down the Dutch coast to Renesse and feel confident enough to register for the tour. No updates on the wooden clog scene thus far.

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCB)

The ECC B team continued their bike quest down the Dutch coast. Looking forward to photo evidence of the gorgeous scenery tomorrow!

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

ACC1 pedaled into the “Peach State” while singing an A Capella rendition of Ray Charles’s entire discography. Keep crushing it, y’all!

Woohoo! They made it to Georgia!

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

ACC2 cruised down to Walterboro and were immediately greeted with warm Southern hospitality and a hearty meal of ribs, baked beans, and southern style rice – all cooked up by the outstanding, generous Carlton.

Thanks, Carlton (back right)!
Nothing like a nice wide shoulder!