Day 4 – Old Memories

Hi, Blogees.   Sam here.     As some of you may know, I am a three-time Apogee alum.   I returned today to the launching spot for my very first Apogee adventure (Coast to Quebec, ’07) to see off two of this year’s Coast to Quebec trips as well as one of our Downeast Explorer groups.   There, in the same scenic parking lot I entered as a nervous first-time Apogee kid five summers ago, I was reminded of just how much fun Apogee is — whether you’re riding to Quebec, hiking Big Sur, or planting trees in Puerto Rico.   And with only one leader pair remaining here in Brunswick, hopefully all the trips already out there are forming their own awesome memories and stories to be told for many years.

CI: In what appears to be a hallmark MSA photo, the Cape & Islanders enjoy the Big Sky and sheep of Martha’s Vineyard, where they pedaled around and enjoyed today!

CQ1A: One of three trips leaving today, these folks met up and immediately jumped into a game of Ninja, lending themselves nicely to one of the famous “games-played-in-circles” photos that this humble blog has been known to feature.   These guys are just about to head to their oceanside campsite to set up and enjoy a first night together.

CQ1B: Also letting us get a picture of another game played in a circle, Mia, Alex, and company also united in Freeport, to pack bikes and begin the trek to Quebec. Soon, this game will change from “My name is Sam” to “Je m’appelle Sam”, after a lot of coastline, just a couple of hills, and lots of fun!

DEX: The third trip that departed today, Downeast Explorer all hopped in a van and made the short trip up to Camden. A little bit of rain had them excited to get out of the van; heck, maybe they will even play some circle games when they can!

VM: And VM delivers with another games-played-in-circles picture! Julie and Pat’s guys cruised through their first day of riding today (and even overcame their first mechanical problem!), the group still got in in plenty of time to play some circle games and continue today’s picture theme!

MSA: Doing some sun salutations (or stretching, or dancing, or something?) during a break from the bikes, MSA continues to bask in the beautiful scenery that they are experiencing, and crush their mileage.

PC1A: Friends, it was another wet one on the west coast.   But just like the all-day rain, the smiles in this group have not ceased yet.   One can only imagine how much fun they will have when they can finally get out of those raincoats and into the sunshine (the weatherman is promising a full week of sun!).

PC1B: A mid-morning snack shows that these PC-ers, a selection of Hannah and Shem’s crew, are well-fed, happy, and surprisingly dry!

ACC1: If it has been wet out west, it’s hot in the south!   This shot caught a few of David and Anna’s speed demons as they sat out a thunderstorm in scenic Sandersville, GA.   Luckily though, this is their destination — they cruised through their mileage again today. Their relatively quick arrival times are allowing everyone more time to bond!

ACC2: In the year of fast ACC trips, Mike and Danika’s crew rolled through South Carolina, and made great time today. Luckily they got to cool off in the pool when they reached tonight’s campground! Cannonball!

And if you’re wondering about HQ, things are quieting down here in the office (as far as leaders being in Brunswick). Jack and CC, leading our first NEMC trip starting Tuesday, are the last remaining leaders in town.   Everyone else is either underway or at their trip start location. Tomorrow is a big day. Tune in for updates on our California Mountains & Coast trip, Caribbean Service Adventure, and Tuscan Service Adventure – all beginning tomorrow!