Day 4 – A Tale of Two Coasts


Friends, it was a good day in field for all twelve currently running trips!

Lots of pictures below, but a note or two on trips that aren’t included.   We heard from our Tuscany group today (although they’re still in Umbria).  They sounded great, but I’m not going to lie – they climbed some big, big, big hills today and they are now very much enjoying the air-conditioning at their agriturismo in the hill country.   Tomorrow, they’ll work on their first service project in the small hill town of Collazzone, before returning to the agriturismo for an Italian feast.

Our Capers have traded one charming island for another as they caught the inter-island ferry from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket earlier today.   Weather permitting, they’re planning on a 40-mile Challenge Day tomorrow.

Our Vermont to Montrealers have been remiss, thus far, in getting us pictures, but we heard from Rachel and Mason today.   They had some hills of their own to conquer today, but when we talked to them, they were safely in camp and morale was very high as they contemplated a dip in the lake this afternoon.

We just heard from our cross-country group, they were about two miles from their stop for the night and re-provisioning (at a rate of about 5,000 calories per person…).   I shall spare you the video Pete sent last night of the group using a church’s band instruments to “sing” Taylor Swift’s “Romeo and Juliet” in Sylvania, Georgia.

Here’s our Vermont Hikers on the summit of Mt. Equinox — after they were stymied by stinging nettles on yesterday’s attempt at another mountain, Equinox was the first summit for five members of the group!

Our Caribbean crew took advantage of a break in the service action to explore some roads-less-traveled in the El Yunque rainforest.   Wyatt said that the waterfall in the background gives an excellent shoulder massage.

Way out in Montana, our group is doing wonderfully and enjoying gorgeous weather in the high plains.

It’s a bit more damp out on the Pacific Coast.   You have no reason to believe me given the quality of this shot, but it really is Andy and Danika’s group jumping in the morning rain.

And here’s Lucas and Anna’s group in the post-rain fog in Coos Bay.   It looks like our PCers have one more day of wettish weather before they enter into a stretch of much desired and much deserved fine weather.

Our Downeastern Explorers enjoyed a great hike in Camden today and spent the rest of the afternoon provisioning and making their way to Stonington for their four-day kayaking adventure.

And our Coast to Quebecers are well underway at this point, too — here’s Laura and Pat’s group as they stopped through Brunswick (mere feet from the Apogee Intergalactic HQ) this morning.

And last but certainly not least, Shem and Hannah’s group did a midcoast day ride that took them to the home of the very large boot in Freeport.