Day 39: Hills and Thrills

By: Hannah Gensheimer

They climbed mountains, biked hills, and completed some amazing service work in locations all over the world. From my desk here in good, old Brunswick, Maine, it’s hard not to be jealous of these adventurous rock stars. Grab a glass of lemonade, and read up on their travels.

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ3):

It’s only Day 3, and the group has already conquered their first mountain together – Mount Acadia! Everyone was thrilled to accomplish their morning hike, and enjoyed some delicious snacks while they took in the views around them. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring around the park and playing plenty of games with their leaders, Jonathan and Jessi.


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE3):

It’s hard to believe that this is their last full day together! The crew spent this morning putting the finishing touches on their essays, and this afternoon each student shared his / her final essay with the rest of the group. Tonight is all about celebrating their hard work with a night out in Portland before heading home tomorrow.


Cape Cod and the Islands (CI3):

Below are loads of pictures from yesterday’s service work at the Farm Institute on Martha’s Vineyard. The group had a fantastic time, and made friends with some “locals,” namely pigs, goats, and ducks. Today the group took a ferry over to Cape Cod, and then had about 16 miles to ride to their mid-Cape campground. Over the next couple of days they will enjoy some cycling along the Cape Cod Rail Trail and take in some beautiful coastal views.

Oh, Hello there…Duck

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC3):

Our NEMCers are off to the White Mountains! The sun was shining as the group summit-ed Mount Avalon this morning where they took in some amazing New England views. Over the next couple of days, they will build their strength to attempt the hike up Mount Washington on Thursday (weather dependent).


Vermont to Montreal (VM3):

Our VMers worked hard alongside Burlington, VT’s Park and Recreation team on a service project to beautify a bike path. After volunteering, the crew headed over to Ben & Jerry’s and enjoyed a “Vermonster” – a 20 scoop ice cream extravaganza! Tomorrow they are going to hop back on their bikes, and continue their ride north towards Montreal.


California Mountains and Coast (CMC3):

Yosemite is home to some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes in the world, and our CMCers have been spending the past few days getting well acquainted with them. After a great day of service yesterday, the group spent today preparing for their planned backcountry hike.


Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA3):

Our CSA3 crew spent the day working at the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge weeding endemic and native plants in the greenhouse. After a few hours of morning service, the group drove over to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, one of the most famous lighthouses in Puerto Rico, and went for a dip in the Caribbean. Just another day in paradise…


Coast to Quebec A (CQ2A):

Time to hit the white water with our CQ2A group! Today Kirk and Rosa’s group took a day off of the bikes, and went white water rafting in Jackman, Maine down the Kennebec River. Tomorrow they will cross the border into Canada for their final 3 days of riding to Quebec. Below are some pictures from yesterday’s ride (note 112 miles from Quebec!) as well as a shot of the group enjoying a beautiful sunset.


Coast to Quebec B (CQ2B):

A big day or riding for our CQ2Bers – 55 Miles! Today they cyclied from Greenville to Jackman, Maine – their final stop before crossing the border into Canada. Tomorrow they will have the day off, and will take a white water rafting ride down the Kennebec River. Only two more days of riding after that!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX3):

It’s another day of exploration around wondrous Acadia National Park. The crew hiked around the Park, getting well accustomed to a little bit of weight on their backs before their back country portion along the Appalachian Trail in a few days. Below is a photo of the group perfecting their sunset “Apogee.” We are very impressed.


Montana Service Adventure (MSA2):

Welcome to Glacier National Park! Our MSA2 group spent the morning volunteering with Glacier Park Rangers doing a campground and visitor center cleanup. This afternoon, the group had some free time to explore the Park, and took a short hike to a glacial pond!


Northwest Explorer (NWX2):

We are thrilled to present numerous pictures of our NWXers after their time in the backcountry. The crew enjoyed some amazing days in the North Cascades, many of which were filled with lots of sunshine and plenty of swimming opportunities.They are now back in the civilization, taking time for some day hikes before their sea kayaking portion of their trip.


Pacific Coast A (PC2A):

Ahh, Mendicino! Who could ask for a better place to rest before their final stretch to San Francisco? Today, Abby and West’s group slept in a bit, and then spent the day exploring this wonderful, coastal town filled with small boutiques and souvenir shops. Only four more days of riding before the group arrives in San Francisco. These guys are definitely “California Dreaming.”


Pacific Coast B (PC2B):

It was all smiles after biking 4 miles up Leggett hill, the tallest point on their entire PC ride! And (believe it or not) Mike and Sherry reported that the whole group was looking forward to more hills between Leggett and San Francisco! Tomorrow the group will have a day of rest as they explore Mendocino.


Alps Explorer A (AX2A):

It’s AX2A’s rest day on the TMB, and this group was ready to sleep in, kick off those hiking boots, and take in some well-deserved r&r. And we’re sure that r&r came with a spectacular view! Their rest day also included a brief trip to Courmayeur, a great little alpine town with neat souvenir shops and very good pizza!


Alps Explorer B (AX2B):

It’s another border crossing day for our AX2B group! And this time they’re headed into Switzerland! It sounds like the hills are truly alive with the sound of music. #thenewvontrapps


America Coast to Coast (ACC):

SAN DIEGO TOMORROW! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are all sitting on the edges of our seats. Today’s ride consisted of a mere 67 miles, the first 23 of which were straight up and out of the desert (4,695 feet of climbing!). We are sure the group is filled with mixed emotions today as they prepare for tomorrow’s final ride. They’ve gone nearly 2,700 miles thus far… and we’re simply amazed!