Day 38 – West Coast Style

All of the action is now officially on the West Coast for Apogee. With a mere five days left, our groups are squeezing every last drop out of their trips before the sun drops into the Pacific on Saturday. Rather remarkably, we’ve heard from all four groups in the last 24 hours. Both of our Pacific Coast trips are doing great. Lidia and Alex were in Gualala, CA for lunch today, which appears to be just the sort of Northern California sea-side village that so many of us dream of during board meetings and traffic jams. Rachel and Sam checked in last night; they, too, are doing remarkably well — now less than 100 miles from San Francisco. Neither sent me any pictures today, I regret to say — I believe there are camera issues with both groups. We’ll try to get something out of them before they wrap it up, though!

In the San Juan Islands and well to the north, our Northwest Explorers have made it out to their homebase for the next couple of days. Mike was able to scramble up to a high point to send me the below shot of the gang with their boats.

And check out the sign — and the glee — in the below shot. Our Coast-to-Coasters are one day out of San Diego. They had a huge climb out of the desert this morning, but made it up to the rolling hills of the coastal range without incident. They’ll stay about 55 miles away from the water tonight — and will get their first glimpse of the ocean right around lunch time tomorrow!