Day 38: Once Upon a Time in Apoland…

Once upon a time, in the land of Apogee, thirteen groups of adventurers embarked on unforgettable journeys over mountains, along coasts, amidst jungles, atop oceans, and through forests. Gathering memories and leaving behind trails of laughter wherever they traverse, each trip spins its own fairytale. Here, dear reader, we glimpse their stories unfolding… 


Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

Once upon a time, a brave crew of young adventurers arose in the Last Frontier, eager to seize the day. They packed up their camp with twinkling eyes full of anticipation and answered the call of the Alaskan wilderness. Prepped for one night in the backcountry, they journeyed forth on a path lined with ancient trees and magical streams, listening closely to the splendor of forest sounds. 

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

Once upon a time, a merry group of friends set off on a fantastic adventure to Seward, passing a mystical national forest as they followed the winding coastal road. Their hearts swelled as they scanned the shimmering seas for playful seals and elusive beluga whales, excited for the kayaking journey that will commence the at tomorrow’s dawn. In preparation, the friends purchased tasty treats and nourishing meals that they will carry with them as they take to the sea. 

Alps Explorer (AX)

Once upon a time, a rugged crew of Alps explorers tackled a daunting climb in the most majestic mountain chain in all the land. Guided by the sway of the wild grasses and snow capped peaks, they knew that a treasure of unimaginable beauty awaited them. Strengthened by the day’s accomplishments, they arrived at camp with high spirits and stories to share. Laughing and jovial, they let out a loud cheer as they reveled in their success – their photos to come once they pass over to tomorrow’s land.

Caribbean Service (CS)

Once upon a time, on a mystical island surrounded by bright turquoise water, covered in lush forest and pure white sand, a small party from the land of Apogee engaged in service work in an enchanted forest. Tirelessly working to protect the peaceful land, the group sang songs and shared stories as they completed the day’s work. Deep into the mountains to beautiful Utuado they drive for their next couple nights of rest, pausing blissfully at a beachfront park in Carolina.

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Once upon a time, a bright eyed group of friends set forth on a long hike in the wilderness of Costa Rica. The rainforest beckoned with its marvelous secrets: cascading waterfalls that sparkle like diamonds, mysterious creatures singing the songs of the jungle, and winding paths tirelessly climbing to misty mountain summits in the Cloudbridge Forest. With each step, the group was in awe of the flora and fauna surrounding them, smiling in rhythm with the sway of the lush green trees.

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Once upon a time, a fearless bunch accepted a mythical quest to venture into the heart of the land of fire and ice. Moving swiftly over rugged terrain on the most demanding day of their adventure, their spirits soared with vistas of which they never could have dreamt. Together they moved over wide open swaths of land, following the call of glaciers, waterfalls and wind.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEXA)

Once upon a time, along the meandering Maine coast, joyous DEXers took a whimsical drive northwards towards the renowned Acadia National Park. Greeted happily on each step of the way by the unfolding landscape ahead, they set up camp among the pines, ready to make the kind of memories of which storybooks are made. They made impressive time, allowing for an afternoon hike in their new home. Humming and frolicking in their camping field, they whipped up a grand feast before their long slumber.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEXB)

Once upon a time, in the land heralded as “The Way Life Should Be,” some jolly folks found themselves in the quaint town of Stonington, nestled by the shimmering sea. They looked out longingly at the gentle waves, restless on land and ready to venture out to the nearby isles. Thus, their preparations began for the coming days of kayaking, as they readied their food and supplies for the voyage.

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Once upon a time, a courageous crew of wilderness wanderers continued to trek where emerald forests and jagged peaks embrace the sky. In the backcountry, away from the toil and trouble of the kingdom, they find themselves in pristine landscapes filled with wonder (and where the absence of cell towers prevents photo-sharing with fairytale authors). Merrily they travel, the quick-witted crew playing trail games as miles pass with ease. 

Pacific Coast (PC)

Once upon a time, after many moons of pedaling, this tight-knit group of road warriors suspended their progress south to assist in local conservation work. They awoke with a feast of French toast to celebrate the progress they have made thus far. Surrounded by ancient cliffs and sandy shores, these PCers thought critically about the coastal environment they have traveled through, eager to dedicate time to ensure its prosperity. Tomorrow, they will once again be southward bound!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

Once upon a time, in a far off land where towering mountains approach a glittering sea, Apogee participants awoke before the sun to embark on a nine-mile hike to a monastery that has stood for over 1,000 years. Forging ahead confidently into the hills, the day was filled with beautiful vistas and hidden coastal treasures. With the sun dipping below the horizon, they delighted in the offerings of Port de La Selva by recuperating on a charming beach. Tomorrow, their story continues to unfold in this picturesque village…

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

Once upon a time, in the Green Mountain State, a team of skilled riders pedaled along on their most epic outing yet. Paving new paths northwards, they left field after field behind them in pursuit of camaraderie and accomplishment. With the road to Montreal ahead, the team forged bonds with their trusty bicycles and fellow riders, their spirits soaring under the glowing sun.

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

Once upon a time, stellar cyclists, unfazed by the rolling hills of the Vermont country roads, traveled happily northwards toward new lands. Passing under fabled covered bridges, next to serene lakes, and along stretches of pastureland, miles flew seamlessly by. A scrumptious lunch spread fueled the second half of their over twenty-mile ride, eaten in the shade of a sturdy, ancient, and magical tree. The sky an electric blue, the cyclists are spurred on by the promise of their unfolding journey.