Day 37 – Friday Night Proust

Oh, man, Blog Nation – how the summer is whittled away so that we are left with only memories, and Proustian visions of erstwhile madeleines!  Chad here – feeling philosophical and a touch nostalgic on a muggy Friday evening.  But enough of that – we’re down to a mere eight trips remaining in the field.  It was a busy day for those eight trips, so let’s get to it, eh?

NWX: Still in the woods.  Remember – no news is good news!

CI: Our Capers were rocking some mondo waves today, dudes!  (I think “mondo” is a non-vulgar, surfing slang term – I may be wrong on both counts.  If so, please accept my apologies.)  It’s on to Provincetown and Boston tomorrow!

CSA: Continuing with their rather macabre theme, Mason, Maddie and their group (plus casualty) enjoyed a great first morning working with the rangers at the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife.  They’re working on an ongoing reforestation project at the Refuge (which happens to be an old CIA listening post – very spooky.  Get it – spooky?).

PCA: Guess who saw their first sign for San Francisco this morning?  Just might be these guys!  And by the way, that’s 218 fun-filled miles to San Francisco.

PCB: Shem, Hannah and their dynamos are making their way down the scenic Eel River towards the Avenue of the Giants.  Here’s a shot of the gang enjoying the misty morning ahead of their own 60 fun-filled miles.

TSA: Oh, just another gorgeous day of riding in Tuscany.  Tra-la-la.  Here’s Laura’s update from their agriturismo outside of Pienza:  “Sad to leave Spannocchia, but we made good time out this morning because we knew it was a long day of biking. Gravel hills make for slow going, but it was very beautiful nonetheless. We ate lunch in Buonconvento in a beautiful shaded side alley and made it to Pienza in time for gelato [Ed. Note:  are you following along with all of the gelato on this trip?  Not a diet trip…]  and a stroll around before shopping and heading to Il Casale. We had dinner while watching the sunset over the mountains and the Pienza skyline. We also had a sampling of Pienza Pecorino at dinner (which the town is famous for) and it was quite tasty.”  Here are several of their crew giving scale to one of the churches in Pienza earlier today.

ACCA: Yowzas – these guys absolutely smoked their miles into 29 Palms today.  110 tumbleweed and desert-vista filled miles later, they are maxing and relaxing in the motel pool.  Life is very, very good.  The first shot gives you an idea of their morning ride across the Mojave.

ACCB: Mike and Danika’s gang made the big drop down into the Mojave today.  Here they are at the top of their descent (they drop about three thousand feet to the desert floor…).  When Danika checked in this afternoon, they were cruising towards Salome, AZ (home of the Fighting Frogs – in case you were wondering…).  They’ll be on the banks of the Colorado at the California border by this time tomorrow!