Day 37: A Paws-itively Woof-tastic Day!

Well hello there, intrepid readers! We’ve got a special author for today’s blog, brought to you from our Headquarters in Maine. Our very own Apogee Mascot, Monty (the Golden Retriever), asked us if she could write the blog for today. So, without further ado… Monty, take it away!

Woof woof! Hello readers! I am very excited to be wri – SQUIRREL! – ting the blog for you today. I love to play fetch, get yummy treats, and most of all, go adventuring! Apogee trips are very very fun adventures, and I am excited to see all the pictures for today! Let’s get going!


Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Wagging my tail for this awesome crew, who happily made their way back to the mainland on a ferry back from Nantucket this morning! I, too, love to jump for joy (especially when I’m catching a frisbee)! This group is enjoying blue skies and blue waters on the blue-tiful Cape – can’t believe we’re nearly halfway done with this incredible journey!

What’s a dog’s favorite outdoor food? A Bark-be-cue!

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

I love chewing on ropes, but these adventurers decided to make the most of their time on the ropes course by swinging from the skies, of course! These Tarzan-to-be’s had an amazing day just hanging out (get it??) in the beautiful sunshine. So many good ropes to chew on… so little time…

Keep on exploring, suspended swashbucklers!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

What’s that I hear in the distance? A shrill dog whistle? No no, that’s the sound of 12 awesome adventurers swinging through the air without a single care in the world! Nothing says we’re having a great time like a good ol’ piggy back ride after a sweet day of rope slinging. Paws up!

What does a dog like to eat for breakfast? WOOF-LES!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains A (CRMA)

That’s right folks… the adventure… begins! I can hardly stop wagging my tail, I’m so excited! These explorers settled nicely into camp this evening and are prepping for some super cool hikes tomorrow. Put your paws together for this superstar crew to get going!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains B (CRMB)

These folks are just itching to get going on what is sure to be an incredible adventure! Safe arrivals and smiles abound with this crew, who sure seem to be barking up the right tree on this first epic night. Wait… wait can you smell that too… it’s… EXCITEMENT in the air!


Caribbean Service (CS)

The Caribbean crew had a big day of travel on the docket – they headed off to Vieques Island today! One ferry ride and one car trip later, these adventurers properly prepared for a big day of service tomorrow. Paws up if you’re excited to keep serving!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

These troopers are having a paws-tively awesome second day on the water in their kayaks. After waking up on the beach, they paddled on out to get some community service done nearby! Then they geared up the ol’ kayaks, garbage bags, and continued on their epic journey. Today also featured a scavenger hunt on their island! My tail sure is wagging for these awesome folks!

These DEX folks are gonna FLEX harder than a T-REX at the NEXT campsite.


Vermont to Montréal A (VMA)

Wow oh wow, is this group awesome or what!? After some really fast biking, these bodacious bikers took a quick splash break to kayak across Lake Champlain. Wish I had been there… I love kayaking (or, rather, sitting in the front of a kayak while the human behind me does all the work)! One activity for the day is not enough, as they continued 12 miles of cycling along a beautiful mountain ridge. Tomorrow? A well-earned rest day right on the lake. I love to rest. And snooze. And eat treats. I hear from my canine companions that Burlington is very nice this time of year! Say woof if you’re excited to keep exploring!

Oh boy! We just got a bonus pic from yesterday!

Vermont to Montréal B (VMB)

Wow, I love Vermont! It’s actually my home state and namesake. After a nice climb out of the amazing campground, these speedy bikers continue to crush mileage through beautiful cornfields and mountainous views. My friends in Vermont told me that “Vermont” literally means “Green” (Ver) “Mountain” (mont) State, so I guess that means my name translates into “mountain-y”…? Fitting! Keep exploring, brisk bikers!

If you lick the trees, sometimes you can taste maple syrup. Yummy!

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

Hola, amigos! At least, that’s what I think it is in Spanish. In Dog, we just greet each other with “WOOF” and sometimes a friendly sniff. These Spanish-speaking pros are off to a stellar start with a successful first day in a new, exotic country. I’m sure that this crew has some seriously exciting things up ahead. Good luck to this stellar crew!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Wait… what’s that up in the sky? Not a bird (woof), not a plane, but… Our CRMC crew crossing the Cloudbridge Natural Reserve! This team absolutely crushed their challenge day of hiking and were treated to some spectacular waterfall views. They crossed through San Gerardo de Rivas, but strangely enough, Gerardo was nowhere to be found. Huh. I will sniff for him. Keep crushing it, Costa Rican Roadsters!


California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

These yodelin’ Yosemites made their way to one of the country’s coolest National Parks today – what lucky dogs! They emBARKed on an amazing hike after settling into camp, and rumor has it they kept their eyes open for Alex Honnold climbing around Yosemite. Paws up for an amazing day for these (El) Capitans of the wilderness!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

These folks also made their way into the wonderful walls of Yosemite, where the sun shines and the dogs play. A day of traveling AND a nice day hike in one of the most beautiful parks in America?? Sign this pup up! Who let these dogs out?!


Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

This just in – our heroic hikers in the biggest state of America (take that, Texas) have taken all the wisdom they’ve gleaned from hiking and posed us the most important question that this blog has seen maybe in the history of Apogee’s existence: is the plural of moose “meese”? Plus, this adventurous crew is joined on their backcountry hike by Apogee’s founder and director, Kevin! Keep exploring and keep eyes open for any wild meeses, Alaskan adventurers!


Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

While I only see in shades of black and white, my human sources tell me that this crew’s time in the Rainbow Meadows yesterday is worth having color vision. This is day 4 of backcountry hiking, and we cannot wait to hear all the colorful details about their adventures!

For now, enjoy this quick pic of me just hanging in the office!

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

This crew of explorers geared up today for the beginning of their extended backcountry trekking that starts tomorrow. Tonight they are staying at the wonderful Heart of the Hills Campground, lovingly abbreviated to “HOH,” which is the sound I make every time my human throws the tennis ball for me. From getting hiking permits to bear cans to lots of yummy treats, these adventurers could even take on the Olympics now (the Olympic National Park, that is! Or should I say… the Olympic National Bark!)

We’ve been told that this is NWXB’s album cover for their upcoming CD release – as opposed to just a picture where nobody is looking at the camera…

Pacific Coast (PCA)

For this crew, it’s just another day at the paw-ffice as they continue on through the gorgeous Pacific Coast. The only thing better than rolling hills are rolling tennis balls! These bold bikers continued their trek alongside the Eel River for most of today, coolly cruising through a big 47 mile day.

After crushing a toasty day, I love to enjoy a nice pup-sicle in the shade!

Pacific Coast (PCB)

I’d like to quote one of my favorite historical figures, Sir Isaac Poochtin, when he says, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” These awesome adventurers rode into the Redwood “Avenue of Giants” and tackled a potentially ruff day with giant-sized smiles and both paws on the handlebars. Hot dog, these guys are speedy!

**^DISCLAIMER^**: We received a specific note from these wonderful leaders that, unlike the awesome group, these railroad tracks are NOT ACTIVE. Never fear, no trains have run on these tracks in a loooong while. Sure makes for an awesome pic!

Some say the Redwoods are nearly 400 feet tall, but that number seems a little far-fetched to me. Woof!

Scottish Highlands (SH)

Did someone say rest day! I love to rest! And snooze. And eat treats. And play! These fast hikers enjoyed their first rest day of the trip with some nice relaxation in the wonderfully indoors hostel in Tyndrum and restocked food and gear in Oban for the rest of the journey ahead of them. They capped off the day by enjoying one of my favorite treats – fish and chips!

Alps Explorer (AX)

Wow, look at these mountains! I have never been to mountains like this before. They sure look amazing! This amazing crew is enjoying a nice indoor stay at a little mountain doghous – er, peoplehouse after a big border-crossing hike into Italy via the Col de la Seigne. I hear Italy has very yummy pizza and treats. I’m not totally sure what that means but it sounds incredible. This crew enjoyed some more stellar views, big rocks to play on, and my favorite food, cheese!. Woof woof!


Pyrenees Mountains & Coast (PMC)

Wow! I hear today is one of the prettiest days for this awesome crew. Two big passes are no problem for these hiker pros, and there was a spectacular refuge waiting for them at the end of today. I would love to go splash in Estany de Mar today! If you, like me, don’t speak Spanish, Estany de Mar means “pond of the sea.” If you, like me, speak doggo, Estany de Mar means, “woof bork FWOORF.”


America Coast to Coast (ACC)

Oh boy, these bikers are really, really fast. I would be panting so hard if I did what they are doing! I have lots of animal friends, and my pal the Roadrunner out in Arizona said he could barely keep up with these fast bikers! Another big day on the road from Wickenburg to Salome, with lots of cacti, maybe a bit of sunshine, oh – and tie dye! We love these cross country speedsters!


And that’s a wrap for the day! I’m all tuckered out after a big day of adventuring. Time to snooze and get ready for tomorrow! Thanks for reading everyone! Now… I’m feeling… a little sleepy….