Day 36: Happy August!

Evening, all – Susie here.  It’s August! That means that there are only two more weeks left in the Apogee season; we’ve already had two leader pairs finish up! This makes us very sad, but as you will see below, dear reader, our students and leaders are putting on an impressive display of fashion, style and pizazz. We also need to take a moment to with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike Lessard, Apogee’s fearless ACC leader (twice!), Assistant Director, and all-around amazing go-to guy. Now let’s get into it!

CI: It’s beach time! In fact, on CI, it is beach time a lot of the time. The crew is on the Cape now and loving life as the catch some rays and cruise toward Provincetown. Here’s a group shot, plus one on the road from the challenge ride on Nantucket. Beautiful!

imagejpeg_0-13 IMG955337

NEMC: Today Phil and Emma’s group is making the trip from New Hampshire to Maine. They are (almost) all using the van time to catch some rest before a big day of rafting tomorrow–they deserve it after conquering so many peaks in the Whites!

IMG_1136 (1)

VMA: It’s kayak time! These guys are having a great time out on Lake Champlain, and are doing it in style! Below is a demonstration of the game “magic paddle,” but you’ll have to ask the students what is actually happening…

IMG_1130 photo (5)

VMB: Our intrepid VermonstersB (or, “Bermonsters?”) are absolutely loving life as they cruise along in the beautiful Vermont landscape. They have had great weather and are riding strong–here’s a beautiful shot of the crew on a dirt road today. Tomorrow, to Burlington!


CSA: It’s a transfer day for our Caribbean adventurers as they make the trip across the island to Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, where they will be doing their next round of service. They loved Vieques and are excited for the next chapter of their trip!


CQA: Bonjour, Quebec! Both of our CQ groups are in Quebec City today, enjoying the sights and rocking their new Apogee t-shirts as they do it. They loved the riding and are sad to say goodbye, but it’s great checking out the city as a group. Here’s a shot of Lizzie and Ben’s group high above the St. Lawrence River:

IMG_7514One of these kids is doin’ his own thing…

CQB: Posie and Postyn’s group is also loving Quebec, and even made the trek up to the top of the ramparts, high above the already high city. What a beautiful view! Tomorrow, these guys will say au revoir


DEX: Also saying goodbye today were our DEXters. Izzy and John returned to Brunswick sunned, happy, and a little disappointed to be done with their summer. These guys hiked like champs and deserved every bite of their pizza in Portland last night! Until next time…


CMC: CC and Jack’s group is practicing their best pyramid skills, and with great success! They will be rafting tomorrow, then on to the backcountry! Life is good in California…


NWXA: Garth and Kelly’s crew is in the backcountry still. We’ll have to use our best imagination to think of how beautiful it must be, and continue our patient wait for pictures…

NWXB: HUGE style points go to Jeremy, Mia, and company for their amazing thrift shop fashion…looks like they are preparing for their second round in the backcountry by shopping. Needless to say, they are having a ball.


PC: It looks like Mia and Jeremy’s group wasn’t the only one to hit a thrift shop today! Wowie, look out! These good-looking bikers are both beastly and well-dressed! As they cruise south toward San Fransisco, Ally and Tim’s crew is also taking the time to look good while riding hard. 


ACC1: Very exciting news for ACC1.  Kaleeefooorrrrneeeeeyyyaaa!  Alexis and Nick are right near the California border and gearing up to cross the Mojave desert tomorrow. Michele has already flown out to do desert support and the crew is totally psyched to be crossing their final state line. These are the final days of riding–we can hardly believe it!

IMG_3622What’s that on the other side of the Colorado River, you ask?  Oh, just a little place we like to call … California.

ACC2: Mike and McKayla’s group is loving life on their rest day in Prescott, AZ. They have been riding incredibly well and are stoked to approach California in the next few days. Onward!

 2013073195192311Mmmm, rest day pizza….

2013072895160302-1Happy birthday, big guy!