Day 34: The Epic Journeys

Truly, a day full of adventures and transitions! From our ECC crews bringing their epic journeys to a close, to PC reaching California, to NEMC descending from the mountains back to the Maine coastline, to innumerable other achievements and transitions, our Apogee crews are up to fantastic things today!

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Alps Explorer (AX)

After a week of exploring the steep mountainsides of the Swiss Alps, it’s finally time for AXA to get into the main course of the trip: The Tour du Mont Blanc! Today AXA starts their 105 mile journey, replete with 30,000 feet of elevation change, wild sights, friendly farm animals, and new cultures among the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps.

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

The day has finally come for ECC1 to return to reality. After traveling many hundreds of miles by pedal, conquering the towering Alps, and traversing seven countries, ECC1 has built incredible bonds! They may be bidding each other tearful farewells today, but they will surely see each other again for another grand adventure.

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

The long-awaited day has arrived at last! ECC2 descended upon the beautiful and aged city of Venice, exploring the cramped streets and winding canals, eating delicacies, and reveling in their achievement. They enjoyed a sunset final dinner together in the city reminiscing on all the epic experiences they had over the last month. 

Europe Coast to Coast 3 (ECC3)

AT LAST!!! ECC3 completed their final day of riding, out of the foothills of the Italian Alps, and finally reached the Adriatic Sea! Much rejoicing was had, but with a slight tinge of sadness at the thought of not riding their trusty bicycles again. However, they go to sleep tonight with dreams of Venice in the morning!

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

After several days of exploring the California mountains and even some sea kayaking, our hearty GSA crew was itching to tackle a bigger challenge today! They journeyed to Big Sur State Park for an 8-mile challenge hike among the soaring sea cliffs, beautiful wildflowers, and salty sea air! Tonight, they sleep soundly tonight with a proud ache in their muscles.

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

IMC made the long journey to Vik today, with a stop at one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss, where they could even walk behind the waterfall! On the horizon is more splendid Icelandic hiking, and exploring a chilly blue ice cave!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

After a morning spent honing their craft, scribbling countless words and ideas onto the page, MCCE allowed their ink to dry and gave their creative brains a well-deserved rest by indulging in a relaxing afternoon at the beach. They looked out over the crisp, Maine waters as they watched various loons and ducks fly overhead.

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

MCJ had a morning of community service, working on a farm and learning about growing crops, taking care of the soil, and where their food comes from. After learning about food all day, they headed out to Portland for a festive final dinner celebrating the conclusion of an incredible trip that created lasting bonds and memories between them.

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

NEMCA descended from the wild mountains and woods back to the coast of Maine, where they did service work on a local farm. They learned about growing crops, taking care of the soil, and where their food comes from! In camp they rested and looked forward to a seafaring adventure in the morning.

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Today our triumphant NWX crew emerged at last from the backcountry, celebrating a very special birthday in style! They trekked the last few miles back to their welcoming van, then made their way to their new campsite to rest and reminisce together about their backcountry adventures. Soon they have some epic rafting, hiking, and kayaking adventures to look forward to! 

Pacific Coast (PC)

PC bid farewell to Oregon, a state that showed them tremendous hospitality in the last week, and biked into the Golden State of California! They were greeted by miles of beautiful California coastline, as they glided along US-101 enjoying the California sea breeze and salty air.