Day 34: Bikes, Hikes, and Pen Strikes

By: Sturtevant and O’Connell

Another full day of fun on all of our trips! Highlights include: donuts in Vermont, a Paul Bunyan sighting in California, and dinosaurs in Montana!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE3):

These students wasted no time getting down to business today. The group started their morning working with Bowdoin’s Director of Admissions talking about what works and doesn’t work in a college essay. They then had their first workshop with Jaed where they were able to develop topics for their own essays. Tonight they will be able to relax before delving back into their writing.


A little post-essay work hangin’ with the sheep…

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI3):

Today’s journey included not one, but two ferries to get these riders to Nantucket. The group enjoyed beautiful weather today as they traveled along the coast and on the water, even having time to explore Nantucket Center. Word on the street is that their dinner is being made for them at the hostel tonight – what a treat!

CI3 - pano

Cape Pano#2! And note the Cape Cod chips – on the Cape!

Vermont to Montreal (VM3):

Congratulations on finishing your first day of riding Vermontsters! Freddy and Anna’s group started their morning with a safety ride – making sure their helmets fit correctly, they’re comfortable riding with panniers, and they know how to call out commands such as “slowing” and “potholes.” After they completed this they rode along fifteen miles of Vermont countryside to practice these skills, stopping for a little treat along the way.

VM3 - Cider

Local apple cider donuts? Donut mind if I do!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC3):

After enjoying their first night together, the group is hopping right into their trip. Today they started their three day, two night kayaking adventure in Point Reyes. Here they will be able to camp along the beautiful California beach, cook marshmallows on the campfire, and begin making the first of their many inside jokes.

CMC3 Kayak

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA3):

This morning the group completed their first of many hours of community service. Emily, Thomas and their students worked in the rain forest doing trail maintenance while learning more about the local ecology. The group had the afternoon to themselves, giving them plenty of time to explore the beauty that surrounds them – they hit Lago dos Bocas (the Lake of Two Mouths) and the weird, wacky Arecibo observatory.

IMG_2095 IMG_7269 IMG_2375 IMG_0912

Coast to Quebec A (CQ2A):

Community service day! This morning Rosa and Kyle’s group headed to the Coastal Mountain Land Trust to help with invasive species removal. They were working on an organic blueberry farm so probably got a sweet snack while working. In the afternoon the group got some time to explore the town and then returned to camp for some rest and relaxation.


Coast to Quebec B (CQ2B):

Zack and Kate’s group got on their bikes bright and early today in order to conquer their longest day of riding so far. At the beginning of their ride they enjoyed breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean as they rode along an idyllic Maine beach front town. The rest of their ride took them north.  Tonight they will meet up with their CQA friends at camp!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX3):

These DEX-sters conquered the trail this morning with a little day hike up Mt. Megunticook outside of the lovely village of Camden! This trip gave them amazing views of the ocean and the local islands. Next up the group will be heading to Old Quarry to start their sea kayaking portion of the trip, where they will rest their legs before they hit the peaks again.


Montana Service Adventure (MSA2):

Today’s ride of 35 miles for Annika and Christian’s group was through the beautiful plains of Montana. They enjoyed blue skies as they made their way over a few rolling hills; they even stopped at a dinosaur museum for a little photo shoot. Tonight these guys are building up for their hardest day of biking.


MSASeriously, you guys, did you turn into dinosaurs? For real?

Northwest Explorer (NWX2):

These guys are heading back into the backcountry today, this time in the beautiful North Cascades National Park. Will and Becca’s group has a longer stint in the woods this time, five nights! Over that time they will hike over 30 miles through some spectacular parts of Washington State. These guys are going to be having some great times but unfortunately we won’t get any pictures from the group until they leave the backcountry.

NWX - Breakfast IMG_4408

Linked legs on the way into the woods!

Pacific Coast A (PC2A):

Big riding day for Abby and West’s group as they continue to make their way down the coast to their final destination – San Francisco. The crew is working together as they keep on conquering major uphills, long miles, and warm weather.


Pacific Coast B (PC2B):

Back on their bikes today after surfing yesterday. They rode 29 miles through beautiful parts of California. Today’s ride took Mike and Sherry’s gang through Del Norte Redwoods State Park where their views while riding changed from the coastline to the incredible red giants. The area is also known for its wild elk population, maybe they got to see one!


That’s a mighty big ax you’ve got there, Paul!

Alps Explorer A (AX2A):

Noah and Emma’s group continued to make their way through the French Alps on their third day on the TMB. During their hike, they had some time to explore the absurdly lovely ski town of Chamonix, where they enjoyed an outdoor concert. These guys are back to camping tonight after their night of luxury in the refuge last night.


AXAOhhh, you know, just some more incredibly beautiful pictures from the Alps – whatever….

Alps Explorer B (AX2B):

Today was these guys hardest hiking day of the trip. They climbed 4,500 feet which was followed by a 3,000 foot downhill. To get pumped up for their hiking today, the whole group (including their French guide) got temporary headband tattoos. With that addition they really had they game faces on. Congrats on completing today’s difficult hike guys!


Pulling tough-guy faces with the temporary tattoos!

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Community service day for Mia and Chris’ crew. This morning they headed to the Boys and Girls Club where they held a miniature bike clinic so the young riders could learn some bike maintenance and the cross country riders could share some stories from the road, including the food they’ve eaten and roadkill they’ve seen (let’s be clear – not the food they’ve seen and the roadkill they’ve eaten…). Then in the afternoon the group got to enjoy some downtime to go to the bike shop, get mail, go swimming and, of course, rest up for a big riding day tomorrow –100 miles down into the desert!

ACC ACC ACC - Service Day