Day 33: Monday Fun-day

It’s day 33 of trips in the Apogee world, but for many of our students it’s day one!  We say hello (in many different languages) to eight (that’s right… EIGHT) trips today and we say a bittersweet goodbye to three incredible groups. One thing is for sure though: whether they’re just at the beginning, in the middle, or they’re coming to the end, our Apogee groups are having a blast out there. Let’s dive in and see just how fun a Monday can be!

In related news, we’re very excited to announce that enrollment for 2020 is now open! Check our blog post for more details and our Trips Page for 2020 dates to start planning for next summer.


Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Our first full day for our CI-ers and they are already island hopping! This morning they rode their bikes to the ferry and headed to Martha’s Vineyard and started to immerse themselves in island living (which of course involved a lot of sand, sea and sun)!

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMC)

It’s the last full day for NEMC…emphasis on the full! This group spent the day exploring New England in a new way – by sea kayak! After taking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful Maine coast they headed to Portland for a delicious final dinner.

Look at this group braving the cold Maine waters!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains A (CRMA)

Say it isn’t so!  Our amazing CRMA group headed back home this morning to share the tales of their Colo-RAD-o adventures with family and friends. We miss you already!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains B (CRMB)

We are sad to let this amazing group go today but the memories will last a lifetime! Last night CRMB really embraced the city name and did some light bouldering in Boulder before a final group dinner and gelato run!  Looks like a pretty tasty send-off to us! We will miss you all!

Caribbean Service (CS)

Bienvenido a Puerto Rico! Our CS group has arrived from far and wide and have settled into their rainforest accommodations! We must admit that we’re a bit jealous, but that is quickly overshadowed by our excitement for this group to start their amazing adventure together.

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

Our last full day for MCP and an exciting one at that! The group’s photos are printed and on display at the local library in Boothbay – some members of the community even popped in to admire their work and so did our co-director Chad! An exciting day for MCP followed by a celebratory final group dinner!


Vermont to Montréal A (VMA)

Start spreading the news, folks! VMA has arrived and they are ready to bike…all the way to Montreal! After some ice breakers and get-to-know-you games, the group headed to camp where they pitched their tents and cooked their first group dinner. Tomorrow they hit the road and we can’t wait to see how far they go!

Vermont to Montréal B (VMB)

We have not one, but TWO amazing groups of bikers arriving today! VMB has gathered and gotten to know one another. After some silly games and a home cooked (camp cooked?) meal, they snuggled up in their sleeping bags and had sweet dreams of bikes and maple syrup.

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

It’s tough to say adios to this incredible group! After a wonderful trip, CRLS said their goodbyes and headed home. We’re sure they’ll be dreaming of all of the wonderful adventures they had in Costa Rica (and maybe some of them will be dreaming in Spanish!)

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

Day 1 for CMCA! After meeting one another in San Francisco, the group made their way to their campground for the evening.  After a nice day 1 dinner together, they’ll get to work packing their bags for the sea kayaking adventure that they will embark on tomorrow!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

Welcome to California, CMCB!  After eagerly awaiting the start of trip, the students and leaders finally met and started their adventure. We hear that they set up camp in Petaluma, played some goofy get-to-know-you games, and enjoyed a delicious camp meal together! We’re sure they’ll be California dreamin’ tonight!

Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

Today is just the beginning of the fun for AKMC! The group arrived today ready to explore the Last Frontier. For now they are anchoring themselves in Anchorage, setting up their sweet sweet abodes (tents) and enjoying each other’s company over their first camp cooked meal. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this fearless group of explorers!

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

Today the NWXA crew completed a day hike outside of Marblemount and enjoyed receiving letters and packages from friends and families. After the package and letter opening, the group prepared for their jaunt (a lengthy jaunt at that) into the backcountry. Stocking up on supplies and goodies for their 6 day trip, the group is ready to rock and roll tomorrow morning. Soak in these photos of the group…they’re the last ones we’ll get until they return from the backcountry!

A shot of yesterday’s white water rafters!

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

Today NWXB started their sea-kayaking adventure! After arriving on Guemes Island, they got their kayaks in the water and paddled their way to Cypress Island, one of the least developed of the San Juan Islands, where they set up camp for the next two nights. Our group’s arrival made the island’s population skyrocket from 40 people to 50!

Pacific Coast (PCA)

Our PCA group just won’t stop pedaling! Today they rode through Del Norte Redwoods State Park and admired the beautiful leafy giants towering over them. After riding 32 miles, they arrived at Elk Prairie Campground where they will spend the night. The group likely had some wildlife sightings today since the campground is named after the wild elk population that lives there!

Pacific Coast (PCB)

A well deserved rest day for PCB, but don’t think for one minute that they’re just sitting around! This adventurous crew threw on some wet-suits, grabbed their boards and hit the surf. We can hear the Beach Boys singing now!  We can also hear PCB singing Happy Birthday loud and clear!

Happy 6th birthday(jk… 16th)!

Scottish Highlands (SH)

Today we say ‘hullo’ to our awesome new Scottish Highlands group! After arriving in Edinburgh, the group made their way to camp to set up their tents and make dinner. They will surely all be dreaming of Nessie tonight as they snuggle into their sleeping bags!

Alps Explorer (AX)

Today our amazing AX-ers hiked to beautiful Lac Blanc in Chamonoix (not only did they hike to it but it seems like some hiked INto it too)! Look at them all fromage-ing at the top!

Pyrenees Mountains & Coast (PMC)

It’s official…PMC has begun! After arriving in Barcelona, the group headed to their campground, got to know one another and got prepared and psyched for their first day of hiking tomorrow! Let the adventure begin!

America Coast to Coast (ACC)

Today our ACC team rode a mere 54 miles (a piece of cake for them by now!) through Tonto National Forest to Payson, Arizona!  Payson is called “the heart of Arizona” which means they’re about halfway across the state!  Woohoo!