Day 32: Super Sunday!

We have so many great things happening out on trips today–from Washington to Venice, the weather is great and the smiles are big. The pictures speak for themselves, so let’s get right to it!

CI: Our Cape Cod crew is still on the Vineyard and had a great time doing their service project at the Farm Institute. They have been busy making friends–both with each other and with the sheep! Next up, Nantucket!


NEMC: Mount Willard, conquered! These intrepid hikers made quick work of the day hike, plus they got to celebrate a birthday today! Yippee!! They get to explore the Whites for a few more days before heading for the river. 


VMA: Swimming at dusk! How beautiful! This shot is from the campground last night, and the one below is from today’s ride. Noah, Rosa, and company are just loving Vermont on their first day of riding and can’t wait to continue northward.



VMB: The picture below was taken by a parent doing a morning drop-off today…great action shot of the group getting packed up for their first day of riding! The weather was ideal today and all is running smoothly on the way to Montreal!


DEX: Magical cell reception atop a mountain! Woohoo! Izzy sent these pictures from the backcountry this morning–awesome. These guys are having a ball. Tomorrow they will be reunited with their van “Stacy’s Mom.” (Ask for an explanation when the kids are home, folks.)


CQA&B: Our only trips without pictures today are the two CQ groups. Both are in Jackman today, where the cell service is too weak for pictures. The good news is that the weather is great for rafting and both groups are psyched to cross the border into Canada! On y va!

CSA: Down in Puerto Rico the crew is living it up on Vieques. Dylan wrote this morning that they’ve been exploring in town, snorkeling, and will be swimming in the bioluminescent bay tonight. Sounds good to me!


PC: Surf’s up! Ally and Tim took their crew to hit the waves today. Below is a shot of the group showing off their best wet suit surfboard styles. They are the most beastly bikers and today, the most groovy surfers. Hang loose!


NWXA: Rafting day! I spoke to Kelly today and the group is doing great. They were psyched to raft this morning and sent me a couple pictures posing with their watercraft for the day. 


NWXB: Mia and Jeremy called today to say they made it safely out of the backcountry! She reported perfect weather and high spirits as the group came trekking out of the Northern Cascades. Check out these awesome pictures!


ACC1: Nick and Alexis checked in from Payson, Arizona during their morning break. Looks like these guys are practicing their skills in fitting many things into one small space. Success? Always.


ACC2: Mike’s message today: “Who can eat their weight in pie then bike in a headwind for 70 miles? These guys!” There ya have it, folks. This is Pie Town, USA.


ECC: Welcome to Venezia!!!! They’ve done it! ECC is enjoying the beautiful shores of Venice as they celebrate their successful trek from the North Sea. David and Anna couldn’t be prouder of their group, and neither could we! Now they have a day to explore the city and celebrate their success before saying their final goodbyes. Congratulazioni!