Day 31: Superlative Saturday!

By: Annika Nygren

Day 31: With 13 trips on the map, this Saturday is filled with news and updates from all over the Apogee world. Pictures came flooding in early this morning, and I’ve decided to give each group a well-deserved shout out with Superlative Saturday! I’ve been into jazzy titles lately that typically involve alliterations inspired by a text from my friend Chris.  He used a really nice vocab word/ adjective that I really appreciated… “upstanding”. You don’t hear that enough these days! And if you ask me, all of our leaders and groups are worthy of such praise! Let’s get right to it!

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI): Heading to the ferry en route to Martha’s Vineyard this morning! Though Emily and Will’s group is new to the blog, that does not make them any less deserving of the Most Likely to Brighten Up Your Day superlative! Because as time passes, this crowd will melt your heart with pictures of them tackling longer riding days, surfing, and eventually, exploring Boston!IMG_0981


IMG_8634New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC): Another group of new faces; we are excited to see all the places Matt and Midge’s group will go! I asked Matt and Midge for an adjective to describe the team so far and the word they chose was ” ‘boisterous’- in the best, most positive way possible. They are super adorable.” Today’s Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork award goes to Matt and Midge’s group as they worked together and conquered the high ropes course!



S’mores last night!

IMG_5753Coast to Quebec (CQA): With hands over their hearts, and a U-S-A squeezed in the middle there, Mary and Mikes group have earned the Most Patriotic Group superlative today as they crossed the border into Canada! Quebec City here they come!



Coast to Quebec (CQB): No… Pete and Sherry’s group did not ride a water jet today. BUT! They did go rafting!! Due to their executed diligence of always coming together to pose for a blog photo and sending them in to me earlier in the day rather than later, they get the Annika’s Not Biased But She’s A CQB Superfan award.IMG_4869


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX): Marino and Erin’s crew did one of Maine’s most beautiful coastal hikes today in far Downeast Maine. Unfortunately, cell phone reception is extremely limited where they are so no pictures as of blog posting time.  Tomorrow they’ll head up to Baxter State Park with the goal of climbing Mount Katahdin on Monday! With Erin and Marino’s tendency to take photos that gives us the allusion that they are doing such things as pushing a major boulder off a cliff, the Magic Tricksters award is a clear winner for their superlative today!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Great ride today into Wolf Creek.  The route took Hannah and Opie’s group past the “Sleeping Giant”; a mountain that looks like a sleeping lady (which they had a clear view of yesterday during their community service work). Speaking of service work, this team has, and will, complete a great deal of service work over the course of the next two weeks… leaving them with the Most Likely to Lend a Helping Hand superlative.

IMG958875 IMG956143

Northwest Explorer (NWX): Backcountry backpacking is in store for Izzy and John’s crew over the next few days! Based on conditions during their last trip (and Olympic National Park’s tendency to preserve a winter treat), these explorers have earned the (bear with me) Most-Likely-to-Have-a-Snowball-Fight-in-Shorts-During-the-End-of-July honor! Despite warmer temperatures, pockets of snow are still around in the mountains!

2014072495210546 20140725_111115

Pacific Coast (PCA): Border crossing today into sweet, sweet California! After today, they will be taking a break from the bikes and hopping on surf boards. Based on these pictures and the flawless weather, Matt and Jeanne’s group are clearly deserving of the Best Blue Sky Smiles Award.IMG_9038






Where does the sky end?! And the water start?! Those vibrant colors are breathtaking.


Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 1.53.33 PM

Pacific Coast (PCB): Today’s ride is full of gorgeous views and a nice climb up Cape Sebastian. Trevor and Kate often struggle to find service, so they have earned the Silent Sneaky Successful Ride award for they always complete their rides in style and in good time.


Alps Explorer (AX): Most Likely to Be On the Cover of a Magazine Superlative! Yes CC and Jack’s explorers are very good-looking, but I must admit this award is mostly in reference to their beautiful surroundings! As this incredible trip unfolds, and they begin hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc tomorrow, you will see more of just what I mean. Seriously… just look at these photos:

IMG_7569 IMG_7568

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA & B): Most Likely to Eat Food That Makes Your Mouth Water! We’ve all been thinking it, so I’m just going to say it. I am SO jealous of the foreign, European food these groups have been enjoying along their journey across Europe. It’s hard to believe, but they finish their riding tomorrow!  In Venice!Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 10.30.55 AM


America Coast to Coast (ACC1): Most Photogenic Group in town goes to Josh and Laura’s crowd of amazing riders! They crossed into their second to last state yesterday, Arizona!! Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, friends and pets who have been following this blog since the very beginning (I thank you for sticking with us!) can attest to the fact that these guys crush the blog photo game and never disappoint us with a nice mix of smiling group photos, crazy candids, and goofy lunch break shots. AND today they ran into a very special gentleman along their route! They met Ernie Andrus, a 91 year-old man who is running (yes you heard that right, RUNNING) across the country over two to four years!  You can learn more at  Definitely check it out! I am still in awe.IMG_9215

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.32.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.46.07 AM



He told Laura he “preferred shots with the ladies”

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.04.01 PMYou are amazing Ernie! Best of luck on your journey!

America Coast to Coast (ACC2): Last night, Sam and Ally’s group enjoyed a BBQ cook-out with the Socorro school principal (he’s on right). Today they are breezing through their mileage on their last day full day in New Mexico. Tomorrow they, too, will cross into Arizona! Although today’s pictures weren’t shot at sunrise, all you ACC2 fans should agree with me when I say that these guys are well-deserving of the Sensational Scenic Sunrise and Sunshine Shots superlative (that’s six s’s! I love that.). This group never disappoints blog readers with their abundance of bright, happy colors and action shots in some pretty incredible terrain… especially in the morning!!

IMG951031 Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.23.53 AM


Well, those may not have been your typical list of high school year book superlatives, but they are an Annika Apogee Special! Today’s blog post was written in record time due to the overflow of photos from leaders early this morning (thank you!!) so from this day forth, July 26th will forever be known as The Most Efficient Blog Post Day (Shem loves efficiency- so shout out to Shem, this ones for you!). Until tomorrow….