Day 31 – All That and a Bag of Chips

So as you may have noticed from the blog a few days ago, the hijinks and shenanigans aren’t just happening out on trips, but we tend to enjoy them here in Brunswick as well! Mike here, and I’m excited to report on today’s events as I’ve had the opportunity to visit with a number of the trips and get to know some of the students!


Updates came in from around the world today, and it was smooth sailing across the board! Unfortunately, we have a number of groups out of cell phone range, making their ability to send in pictures rather difficult.

CI — Our Capers spent the morning today working on the farm. Julie said that they “messed” around with the pigs then worked out in the field. The afternoon was spent seaside catching waves and cooling off in the ocean!


VM — Rachel and Mason’s group has hit the big city! Today was the groups longest riding day, and after covering over 250 miles since their trip started a short time ago, they will be reaping the benefits by exploring Montreal tomorrow!


CQA — What better way to spend a gorgeous summer day in Maine than by rafting? Well, that’s exactly what Laura and Pat’s fearsome group is doing today. I’m sure that they are going to try to spend as much time in the water as on the raft to stay cool!

CQB — Shem and Hannah’s group are biking royalty! One would think that covering a half-century would take all day, but not for this group! Tomorrow these guys and gals will be the ones splashing down the river, but not before some intermingling between the two CQ groups!


NEMC — The groups “river wisdom” from yesterday took its way up onto the high peaks of the White Mountains today, in fact, the highest. The group enjoyed fantastic weather for their summit of Mt. Washington today, and will be headed East to the Maine coast tomorrow for some community service.

DEX — These 100-Mile Wilderness hikers are rockin’ it. I got the chance to meet up with the group yesterday before they went into the woods, and I’ve never seen a group more excited to go into the deep Maine woods. Lucky for us, they found enough cell service to send us this picture, taken on their way to Nahmankanta Lake.


CSA — Snorkeling around an island off the Vieques Coast. Check. Paddling through the Mangroves. Check. Dinner in the ocean. Check. Swimming in the Bio-Bay. Check (by the end of the night). This group will have one of their most memorable adventures today, a fantastic treat for all the hard service work they’ve been doing!

PCA — How many pancakes can a group eat the morning of their day off? Try 90! The group woke up to a great breakfast which fueled them for today’s surfing lesson! Danika said that the group had a fantastic time and that the waves were perfect.


PCB — It was Lucas and Anna’s turn to bring their group into the great state of California! It was great weather for riding today, and the group will enjoy a rest day tomorrow while they search for the perfect waves to surf tomorrow!

NWX — The group left the diverse areas of Olympic National Park and headed East last night. Today, they are enjoying a great day of white water rafting on the exciting Sauk River (which is bound to be pretty cold because it is fed by snow-melt). They are spending the next few nights in North Cascades National Park and getting ready for their big backcountry adventure in a couple days! (again, sorry about the blury pixels…)

TSA — Nick and Cait’s adventurers are spending the night amongst the medieval architecture tonight after a beautiful ride from Florence today. I’m not really sure what they are doing in the above picture… Yoga maybe?

ACC — The ACCers enjoyed a beautifully scenic ride today through the hills of eastern Arizona. Today is a day of celebration of this group as today is their 1 month anniversary of the trip start! Congratulations Bike Family!