Day 3: All Aboard!

By: Izzy Janzen

Well, folks, with our last two groups getting underway in Amsterdam early this morning, we are operating at full capacity! We’ve got a whopping eighteen trips out on the road stretched out over nine (!) time zones. Today most trips are really starting to get into the swing of their first adventures… Let’s take a look at what they’re up to!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ): These champions are celebrating their first summit together atop Acadia mountain. Nice work team! Tonight they head back to camp and rest up for a fun day of biking on the Carriage Roads tomorrow!

MCJ1 Day 3

Hands in the air because they’re at the Apogee of their day! 

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI): Our Capers took yesterday’s rain delay in stride and made it to Nantucket today! After two vista-filled ferry rides this crew has successfully arrived and made their way to their destination! CI1 Day 3CI1 Day 3

Vermont to Montreal (VM):This stellar group found a beautiful, rustic covered bridge to pose at en route to Salisbury, Vermont today. From what we hear, the cloudy skies aren’t keeping them down- it sounds like they are having a blast!  VM1 Day 3

California Mountains and Coast (CMC): Yesterday the crew spent their day on a magnificent peninsula in Point Reyes and today they begin their first full day of kayaking. They’ll spend one more evening here before moving on to the glorious Yosemite! Fun in the sun (and fog…)!CMC1 Day 3

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA): Today the group continues their stellar community service doing trail maintenance and conservation work. This is one hard working group! But they aren’t all work and no play, this afternoon they’ll enjoy a fun activity to relax- maybe a beautiful afternoon hike or a swim at the beach!  IMG_9015.JPG

Coast to Quebec A (CQA): Today, toasty and dry after a night indoors, CQA rode from Brunswick to Wiscasset where they have the luxury of a enjoying what looks like a teeny tiny wading pool together… No matter the depth it’s probably quite refreshing after a hard days ride. Spirits are high and they’re headed towards further down the coast tomorrow! CQA Day 3

Coast to Quebec B (CQB): This group took a pit stop in a lush state park today during their beautiful loop of the Freeport area. They’re feeling energized and excited to be out on their bikes after the rain yesterday and when this picture was taken (well before lunch!) they had already crushed half of their mileage for the day. Unstoppable!CQB Day 3

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX A): Today DEXA enjoyed their first full day of kayaking! Out on the water they paddle amidst the beauty that is Isle au Haut Bay and explore the nooks and crannies of coastal Maine. They will camp on a secluded island that has amazing views and gorgeous sunsets and plenty of rocky beach space for fun and games. Tomorrow they will continue their aquatic adventure with some more kayaking and some community service cleaning up surrounding islands.

DEx 1A day 3Looks like the rain, rain has gone, gone away!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX B): The group continues to explore Acadia National Park with an awesome day hike up Mount Norumbega! The clouds have cleared (mostly) and morale is high! Maybe the group will relax this afternoon with a swim or an ice cream treat!  
dex1b day 3 dex1b day 3

Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Look at this happy crew! Not to mention their beautiful backdrop! This bright bunch is just enjoying a beautiful ride along the plains towards Three Forks, Montana! Their first full day out on the road, they are enjoying getting to know each other and familiarizing themselves with the magnificent Montana terrain.MSA1 Day 3
MSA1 Day 3

Northwest Explorer (NWX): On their first full day together, our NWXers drove to Olympic National Park where they will day-hike for the next few days before heading into the back country. Here they are up on Hurricane Ridge and about to embark on their first hike! What a beautiful day. They’ll see some snowy peaks and vibrant wildflowers on this hikes and, who knows, maybe even a mountain goat!    NWX 1 Day3

Pacific Coast A (PCA): Today PCA did their first safety rides in Umpqua and then hit the road towards Coos Bay. They even got their first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean! What a beautiful day to be out on the West Coast! West Coast- Best Coast, as they say! PCA Day 3

Go get ’em PCA! 

pca day 3

Pacific Coast B (PCB): Heading towards Umpqua- look at that lunch spread! Yum…This Pacific Coast super star team is just fueling up for a beautiful ride today and plans to get into camp early for some fun and games! Hungry for an awesome ride…and also lunch.PART_1435593070305_IMAG0593

Alps Explorer (AXA): This group enjoyed some mouthwatering Caprese sandwiches for lunch and also enjoyed perfectly clear skies and unbelievable views on their day hike today. Hard to beat that! They are looking thrilled to be there, and who can blame them! Mount Matterhorn is just a perfect background to all of these beautiful faces.

AXA Day 3

AXA Day 3

Stop it, Matterhorn! I mean, give me a break! 
AXA Day 3

Alps Explorer (AXB): This group went on a jaw-droppingly beautiful hike today and enjoyed a delightful lunch of brie and salami on fresh bread while basking in the shade of majestic Matterhorn. Are we dreaming? Nope, that’s actually what this happy bunch did today! Clear skies and big smiles for these lovely hikers.AXB Day 3

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC A&B): With the long overnight flights out of the way, our ECCer’s (both A and B) are spending their first night Haarlem and gearing up to go their (mostly) separate ways on our six-country European cycling adventure. This trip is just getting going today so we’ll get more juicy details from them tomorrow, but they’re all together, safe and sound!


America Coast to Coast (ACC): Here is our cool crew of cross country cyclists! Today they made it to Georgia, a mere 72 miles! From what we hear they are making great time and also great friendships! Welcome to Georgia, ACC! One down – eight to go!   IMG_0693