Day 29: It’s Apo Rhyme Time

It’s a big day today! Why’s that, you say? We have so many new groups heading on their way! It’s a delectable day to be part of Apogee – read on to see why our students are filled with glee! This blog writer is also having a great time, for each trip today includes a bit of rhyme …


Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

Today these brave sea-farers will come off the seas, leaving behind the ocean’s salty breeze. They will be excited to spend some fun time on land, prepping for the upcoming ice-climbing that’s planned! We can only imagine the sights of Alaska’s wild landscape they have seen – it may shock you, but this photo is not a green screen!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

In the wild backcountry these folks explore, among lakes and mountains and trees galore! We know these hikers are conquering the trail, singing and laughing, positive without fail. How could they not be, they’re in the Last Frontier, where the sights are astounding and the skies are clear. 

Alps Explorer (AX)

This crew went out for their first day hike, and on the trail they saw the Matterhorn’s spike! Here we see their impressive kick line, under a sky filled with Switzerland’s sunshine. They explored the beautiful town of Zermatt, and to celebrate the day, gelato they bought!

California’s Coastal Mountains (CCM)

What a day to be in the Golden State, where the views are spectacular and the company is great! Last night they celebrated a special birthday, with hats and brownies – hip, hip, hooray! It was a thrilling day for this adventurous crew, as the dramatic cliffs of Big Sur were in view. They hiked around this mountainous coast, and from here in Maine, we send them a toast!

Caribbean Service (CS)

This team spent the day in the clear turquoise sea, admiring its wonders – and what did they see? A bright coral reef and some colorful fish, to be there in the sun, we can only wish! And they finished the day with an afternoon hike, doesn’t this day seem absolutely dreamlike? What adventures they are having with their new friends, making the most of each second before the trip ends.

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

How wonderful to boat out to an island, snorkel in the sea, and hang out on the sand! Keep an eye out for wildlife today: a turtle, some coral, or maybe a ray! What a joy to experience this island living, “iPura vida!” CRMC says about this land that keeps on giving.

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

It’s a great day to ride because the direction is downhill, and this crew is on the move – they never stand still! Breezing by mountains, quaint towns and small streams, the vistas they see are what make up dreams. The campsite today even had a pool – it may be hot out but our crew remains cool! Tonight they will settle in lovely Bolzano… Then continue their journey, to Venice they go!

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

Guess what?! This crew just rode through THREE countries! Wow, this day of riding was just the bees knees. They’re heading to Glurns, a well-preserved medieval village, continuing to crush some impressive mileage. We just can’t believe all the places they’ve been, as those trusty bicycle wheels continue to spin.

Europe Coast to Coast 3 (ECC3)

How exciting that their feet are off the pedals – for crossing the Alps, this squad deserves medals! Today they are getting a well-deserved rest, time to chill and recuperate for the best of the best! They are in Landeck, a picturesque town, dotted with castles that mountains surround. And lucky them, a restaurant meal, how delicious it tastes and how relaxed they feel.

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

This group is united in the SFO airport – it’s an exciting first day filled with transport! Their adventure begins in the vast Golden State, we can’t imagine the fun that awaits. Tomorrow they’ll experience a glorious hiking route, with many glimpses of the ocean breathtaking no doubt!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Here we go, the group is together, welcome to a week in Maine’s beautiful weather! The skies are blue and the creative juices are flowing, we simply can’t wait for these folks to get going! This afternoon, with a cheery attitude, they’re already forging friendships as they chef up their food.

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

These cool kiddos are ready to roll, now they head up to Maine where fun is the goal! Games and food in store for the afternoon, among the pine trees and seacoast, their adventures begin soon. It all starts tomorrow with a kayak on the bay, then northwards they go– Acadia, MCJ is coming your way!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

For these impressive hikers it’s time for a break, today is for transport and preparations to make. For tomorrow they embark on a sea kayaking expedition, continuing to explore Maine – and successful in their mission! They are a hearty crew whose friendships are thriving, in style and cheer in Stonington they’re arriving. 

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Among the pine trees crossing babbling brooks, spectacular views and first hike in the books! Snacks by a pond reflecting the clear blue sky, a dip in a swimming hole, a waterfall, oh my! How lucky they are to camp in the Whites, with adventure-filled days and star-filled nights.

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Welcome, welcome, wherever you come from! In the mystical northwest this group is united, and it is an understatement to say that we are excited. Adventures to be had and stories to be told – we can’t wait to see what the weeks will behold! Tonight will begin with a good meal and games, settling into camp and learning friends’ names. No photos from the group as they are mid-transport from the airport, but we can’t wait to see pictures of this crew tomorrow!

Pacific Coast (PC)

Eureka! On the Pacific coast our riders meet, ready to connect their pedals to their feet! It’ll be a great afternoon of new friends and game-winning – we have a great feeling about this trip’s beginning. For in the morning they will climb on their bikes and take flight, and in just a few weeks time the Golden Gate Bridge will come into sight.

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

Another day of hiking in the picturesque countryside, crushing challenging terrain while hitting their stride. Back to Espot, major praise they have earned, for all the miles they’ve crushed and all the fun facts they’ve learned. Rugged and cheerful, this group’s spirits are high, full of incredible chili (yum!) and not wanting to say goodbye. Tomorrow Barcelona they will explore; I think an ice cream celebration is in store!

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

Through the Canadian countryside this group is fast moving, a well-oiled machine that is joyfully grooving! They’ll get a good rest tonight and a scrumptious dinner for all, because tomorrow – you guessed it! – they’ll reach Montreal! In this photo (if you can’t tell) CANADA is what they are trying to spell!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

These rock stars just CRUSHED 50 miles!! Wowza, just look at those smiles. And not only that: Now in a new country they ride – that’s right, they crossed the Canadian border with pride! What an impressively and strong and motivated crew – they’re almost to Montreal, wow how this trip flew!