Day 27 – The Rewards to Training – Part 2

Northwest Explorer is gearing up for a short backcountry hike in the Olympics. Mike sent in the below shot before they headed out.

No news from Downeast Explorer today, but tomorrow they start their backcountry hike on the Appalachian Trail toward Katahdin. Susie and Chris, our support staff, are helping them with a shuttle so we should have more news about their well being soon.

And finally our Coast to Quebec groups. Both made it to their respective destinations…and all sounds good…except the broken tent pole on Pete and Jess’s trip (Susie already brought them another tent). Below is shot that Andy and Corley sent of some of their kids taking a break by a lake in western Maine.

There likely will not be a blog posting tomorrow as Chad, myself, Susie and Chris are scattered to the winds to start Cape trips and help with a shuttle for our Downeast Explorers. We’ll be back Saturday — check back then.

Have a good night!