Day 26 – No News is Good News

Pete and Jess’ group of Coast to Quebecers were helping out at the Coastal Mountain Land Trust today — picking up where Corley and Andy’s group left off yesterday. They spent their “off” day hiking up a mountain, hauling signage. This is all part of a strategy to make tomorrow’s hills seem smaller — social engineering at its finest! Pete did send me a lovely shot from the summit, too.

In the Olympics, Mike and Annie’s group got to try one of the true delights of alpine hiking — glissading. Glissading, of course, is an elegant name for “sliding down a mountain snow field on your tush.” Truly, though, it’s a blast — and Mike reported via a very brief text message that all is well and they’re loving the Olympics. The shot below is off a few in the group pre-glissading.

No pictures from the Pacific Coast today, but both groups are continuing to do well.

And I didn’t hear from our Downeasters today, but Rachel did send me this shot of a gorgeous, sea-side hike in Acadia. Rough duty up there…

Cait, Nick and their Dynamos are tucked into Carizozo, New Mexico tonight — and Cait sent in the below shot of several of their members with a new friend… One more day of riding will bring them to their penultimate day off before the beach!