Day 26 – Let’s Get This Party Started

A crazy day of five trip starts across nine time zones, we are almost all the way back to capacity in the field. Sam here again, my friends.

In the NAPP category today there is just one trip, who sadly is without a photo:

PCB: Hannah and Shem’s group is all accounted for in the Eugene airport. We just heard from them and they are happily on their way to Florence where they will spend the night before traversing southward down the coast.


VM: A 30 mile day brings the group into Shelburne, after a lovely lunch picnic, complete with a post-meal gelato break! Tomorrow is a short day for the group as they roll into Burlington and will spend the afternoon exploring.

CQA: Again making good time, the group spent a chunk of the morning exploring a “scrap metal art” yard, filled with awesome old relics. ¬†Pulling into Camden early this afternoon gives the group a nice afternoon to rest the legs before they head to Beech Hill Preserve tomorrow for a day of service.

CQB: Today was a particularly rolly day for Mia and Alex’s crew as they continue their trek up the coast. A brief nap by the group’s boys this afternoon was filled with “caterpillar fights” among the girls, before they made their way to the beautiful Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

NEMC: Kelly and Garth’s group have a transition day, as they packed up camp this morning and will be spending tonight on the other side of Mt. Washington. This still left them with plenty of time, however, to hike up to Shining Rock for a round of “whoosh” on the very aptly named Falling Waters Trail. Below they can be seen with some of their very own falling water in the background.

DEX: A great birthday sunrise and ice cream celebration yesterday saw the Downeast Explorers off the water and back onto hard ground, where they make their way to Acadia today. Here they are exploring Bar Harbor (from the ground, in a circle – you don’t see much, but it’s fun…) before they go for a quick hike this afternoon up the Beehive.

CMC: This group has had an INCREDIBLE past few days on the water. After learning the art of sea-kayaking, they were on the water paddling into the caves of Santa Cruz. On Sunday’s paddle they passed a sea lion rookery and saw over 100 sea lions! Now they are back on the mainland and headed for Big Sur, picking up groceries and jamming out to tunes on the way.

PCA: With not a single flight running late, McKayla and Micah’s (otherwise known, creatively, as “M&M”) crew came together in the Eugene airport and headed to Winchester Bay, where they will spend the evening before turning out of the campground and heading on their way to San Fran tomorrow. The Golden Gate Bridge awaits!

TSA: Everyone made it safe and sound to Rome today, and TSA is again underway. A brief train ride followed by a quick first jaunt on the bikes brings them to beautiful Assisi, where they will also spend tomorrow before hitting the road for real.

CSA: The first of five trip starts today, Mason and Maddie’s crew, once fully assembled, headed over to the El Yunque Bunkhouse where they will spend the next several days doing service and enjoying the beauty of Puerto Rico’s beaches.

NWX: Everyone has arrived in Seattle for the first night of NWX. Here they are in their van seats for their first of many miles in the car, in between the many miles spent on the trail. They are excited to head to Olympic National Park tomorrow to stretch their legs in the woods.

ACC1: Celebrating with pie for a student’s half-birthday, the group still has a 5 mile climb and a 15 mile descent left. At the end of that, though, they are just one more day of biking away from a rest day in Socorro, NM.

ACC2: Over three weeks on the road have meant limited luxuries of home living for these folk, as evidenced by the lack of shaving. Mustaches of all varieties in tow, this group left Texas behind and forged their way into New Mexico today.