Day 25: Scenic Sunday

By: Annika Nygren

Day 25: With some trips wrapping up over the course of the next few days, the office is busy preparing for our next round of trips… many of which start tomorrow!! Can you believe it?! Today’s photos are gorgeous and give a great taste of all the amazing adventures the groups are having, hence why I have dubbed today Scenic Sunday.

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI): Helllloooo Bean Town! After time spent on the water, in the sand, on bike paths and in the saddle, Emily and Will’s group are spending one last day together exploring Boston! After shopping on Newbury Street and checking out Quincy Market, the gang is on their way to Uno’s Pizzeria for their final dinner tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 3.25.57 PM

Couldn’t resist jumping on yet another bike even on their day off!!


Lobster hats: Fashionable? Yes! Functional? Debatable.

IMG_3813New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC): If you thought rafting, kayaking and service was enough.. think again! Matt and Midge’s group are spent the day kayaking off the coast of Maine! Although it may be their last full day together, they are filling it with memories on the water and a final dinner in Portland! Pictures to come tomorrow from today’s activities on the water!

Vermont to Montreal (VM): Boooyahhh border crossing! Abby and Reuben’s group made the jump into Canada today, making the end goal of Montreal feel so close.. which it is! Two more days until they reach the big city. IMG_1259.JPG


California Mountains and Coast (CMC): Into the backcountry they go and onto the Ten Lakes trail. California has not yielded great cell reception but we will definitely have a ton of pictures from Emma and Dylan upon their exit from the backcountry in two days!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA): Surf’s up! Surf lessons this morning, picnic lunch on the beach, and then exploring around the city in the afternoon! Another wonderful day in paradise for Lucy and Will’s crew. Transition day on the way tomorrow.

IMG_8760 Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 12.17.47 PM

Coast to Quebec (CQA): Today was a rest day for Mike and Mary’s group. They put minimal mileage on their legs, but got an upper body workout during their service project – digging out invasive plants in organic blueberry fields near Camden. They even got to eat a bunch of these sweet, summary treats! Lucky ducks, those look dee-lish!IMG_0015


Mmmm, fresh Maine blueberries… a summer time delicacy!



Coast to Quebec (CQB): Woop woooop, 40 mile day today! Sherry and Pete’s group had a beautiful ride to Camden and are gearing up for service tomorrow!!

IMG_1767Another shot from last night’s gorgeous view



Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX): Woweee, today was the last day on the water for Erin and Marino’s explorers. They’re on their way to Acadia National Park tomorrow for a couple of days of amazing hiking. IMG_8960

Ice cream in Stonington, Maine. Note the statue of the stone cutter – Stonington is famous for its granite.

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA): Les Alps! The riding is without doubt more challenging these days, but these hill climbers are up for it.  Go team!IMG953707


Europe Coast to Coast (ECCB): Quickly following in ECCA’s tire tracks, Nick and Christine’s group had a lovely ride and caught a glimpse of the mountains they’re going to be climbing over the next few days. They CRUSHED their mileage and are tucked safely into camp for the night. Unfortunately, tonight’s campsite has no WiFi, so no pics today, sorry.

America Coast to Coast (ACC1): Well, safe to say it was a GORGEOUS first full day of riding in New Mexico for Josh and Laura’s crew! Happy to be out of Texas and onto those Rocky Mountains (starting tomorrow!). Tonight’s campground has a pool and everyone is excited to jump into some cool water!Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.11.27 AM



 Here comes the sun!

America Coast to Coast (ACC2): ACC2 is truly riding in style today! Sam and Laura’s group geared up for their final full day in Texas with some pretty sweet “calf tats” and 100s on their arms. A century of riding (100+ miles in one day) never looked so good!IMG_0123


Desolate roads make for interesting photo opportunities. 


Horses running alongside the group today! Too cool.

Happy Sunday everyone! We sadly have two trips leaving this blog ship tomorrow (we miss you already CI and NEMC), but are excited to meet the new members of our family on our MSA2, NWX2, PC2A&B and AX 2.0! In the mean time, I hope everyone continues to enjoy the last few moments of their weekend! Happy almost Monday!