Day 24 – Music to Our Ears

Greetings Apogee Blog Readers.  Sam here.  9 trips in the field at the moment with 5 more starting on Monday.  Our groups today are doing a variety of activities from biking to sea kayaking to climbing (on a ropes course).  Enjoy!

CI: Boston bound! Starting the day off right with a dance party at 7 AM, they boogied all the way to Provincetown, where they boarded a ferry to Beantown. Tonight and tomorrow will be spent exploring the city before they have to part ways monday morning

VM: An efficient VM crew, Julie & Pat’s group are getting their mileage done before lunch almost every day.  Here’s a picture of the group in front of their first of many Vermont Covered Bridges.

CQA: Up and out of Freeport early this morning, this crew passed through Brunswick, our fair city, earlier today. They’ve already arrived to their campground for the night and were looking forward to swimming in the campground’s salt water pool.

CQB: After losing a game of ultimate frisbee to CQA last night (or at least that’s what we heard from CQA this morning), Mia & Alex’s group spent today riding in Brunswick & Freeport.  Tomorrow they head downeast and begin their journey towards Quebec.  No visit to Freeport, ME is complete without a visit to LL Bean.

NEMC: Conquering the ropes course was an awesome experience for Kelly & Garth’s group this morning.  This afternoon they head north to the White Mountains where they’ll spend the next few days hiking some New Hampshire trails and mountain peaks.

DEX: Isle au Haut Bay is one of the greatest places to spend a summer day in Maine as CC, Jack, and Co. learned. Under gorgeous skies, the group paddled their way through the islands today.

CMC: The CMC group is off to explore the Channel Islands where they will spend a couple of days kayaking and exploring some incredible sea caves.  I’m guessing they’ll also take in a stunning sunset or two over the Pacific…

ACC1: 6 down, 3 to go (states that is)! The long pull through Texas is over as ACC1 crossed into New Mexico and another time zone this morning.  Time flies when you are biking about 80 miles a day.

ACC2: Mike and Danika’s group crossed the halfway point in Haskell, TX today, en route to Jayton.  No one expected a blizzard in 103 degree heat (think DQ), but that’s just what they got in Haskell.