Day 22: Big Miles, Big Smiles

By: Emily O’Connell and Jack Messerly

Although many trips wrapped up yesterday, lots are in still in full swing. We still have friends on the Maine coast, Cape Cod, in Vermont, across the country in California, down in the Caribbean, and making away across Europe and America! Let’s check in with them…

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ2):

After packing up camp this morning, our MCJers headed to their home for the next few nights on Mount Desert Island to spend some time enjoying the beauty of their surroundings. Today they conquered a misty Acadia Mountain! After the big hike, they spent the afternoon exploring Bar Harbor. This crew is already looking like pro outdoors-men and women!MCJ2



Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE2):

Today Miles and Rhia welcomed their second group of writers. They met in Freeport this afternoon and headed to their Harpswell Hideaway for the week where they played some get-to-know-you games. Everyone is excited to get started on their essays and their Maine explorations!

IMG_2887Here’s the crew minus three late arrivals!

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI2):

Yesterday, Allyssa and Kevin’s Capers spent a full day on the beautiful island of Nantucket. The group started the day out right with a big breakfast of pancakes, french toast, yogurt and granola – yum! Then they they headed to the beach for an afternoon of  swimming, sand castles, and volleyball before settling in around a campfire last night. Looks like they got to enjoy some s’mores, too – more yum! After a ferry ride back to the mainland Cape Cod this morning, these guys put in a big 16 miles as they start to make the turn towards Provincetown and the northern Cape.ci2


Sand Mermaids!


Vermont to Montreal A (VM2A):

Today Jonathan and Jessi’s VM crew got a break from riding this morning while they jumped in kayaks. Jonathan and Jessi reported that they had beautiful weather and that everyone had a great time paddling around Lake Champlain. In the afternoon they got back on their bikes and headed to Burlington where they will enjoy fantastic views from their lakefront campsites!

VM2ALearning kayaking skills before they hit the water

VM2ANo rest for the weary – back in the saddles after paddling!

Vermont to Montreal B (VM2B):

Today, Freddy and Anna’s group hit he road with 28 miles to complete and did so with ease. They got to enjoy the beautiful Vermont farmlands as they cruised through the countryside. The group is doing great with very high spirits and all settled in at camp after a great day of riding.

VM2BSome good looking riders

California Mountains and Coast (CMC2):

Into the backcountry they go! This CMC group will be spending the next three nights in the heart of Yosemite National Park. Matt and Midge’s group will be exploring Tuolumne Meadows, an area with beautiful views and abundant wildlife. Unfortunately, part of the beauty of the back country is the lack of cell service! We’re eagerly awaiting the cascade of pictures we can expect on Tuesday.

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA2):

Our community service experts in Puerto Rico spent the morning working with Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas once again. Today they helped pack up the coffee grown locally at Casa Pueblo – go local production! After they wrapped up service in the morning, they hopped in the van to head to Combate, where they will spend tomorrow doing service and surfing – but not before they worked in a load or two of laundry!

IMG_9864 CSA2

(Almost) everyone is too busy learning about coffee production to notice the camera!

Downeast Explorer (DEX2):

The DEX crew got to spend a full day in Acadia National Park today, and they sure took advantage of every minute they had there! Today John and Erinn’s group bagged three peaks: first they powered up to Gorham Mountain, next they summited Halfway Mountain, and finally, they conquered the legendary Beehive. They had a gorgeous day for all of their trekking, and even had time for lunch at The Bowl and a snack at Sand Beach before heading back to camp. What a day, and they’ve got the pictures to show for it!


IMG_4507View from The Beehive!


Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

Today this ECCA gang finished their riding in country number four (that’s vier in Dutch, quatre in French, vier (again) in German, and quattro in Italian…)! They crossed the border into Austria, the only country that stands between them and their final destination, Italy (actually – they’re going to just nick a little corner of Switzerland in the next couple of days, too..). The group rode an impressive 75-km into the town of Bludenz, a beautiful town situated at the convergence of five different valleys.ECCA

IMG_0397.JPGDoes anyone else think this would make a great album cover?

IMG_1675 (1)Taking it all in on the shore of the Bodensee

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

Continuing through Germany, Posie and Postyn’s group is making great progress. Today they got to enjoy some more spectacular views as they rode along the lovely Bodensee. For our viewing pleasure (as well as for the pleasure of their tired legs), they took a quick break on the top of a beautiful hill to pose for some great photos.


ECCBThis was sent to us with the caption, “The boys photo-bombed the girls.” Still, great picture fellas!

ECCBThis is one heck of a jumping picture, folks.

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Continuing their trek across Texas, Mia and Opie’s ACC crew is now an hour behind us on the East Coast. They’re putting the last of 85 Texas-sized miles behind them as we go to press. Our guys are making incredible progress on their journey to San Diego, and are preparing for a huge Century Day (100+ miles) tomorrow. They’re making great time this afternoon – such great time that they haven’t taken time to send us a picture – but we’ll get a couple up tomorrow, if not before!