Day 20: Trivia Thursday

With it being the day after Hump Day, it could only be appropriate that we mixed it up and kept our readers on their toes. We are now presenting Trivia Thursday – to begin, can anyone tell me some National Holidays we are celebrating today?

If you guessed Orange Chicken Day, National Gummy Worm Day, and National I Love Horses Day, give yourself a pat on the back and buckle your seatbelts. 

Here we go as we embark on this trivia journey!

  1. What three presidents died on the same day? 
  2. What three words in English language begin with “dw”?
  3. Which planet has the most gravity?
  4. What movie was released on this day in 1988? (Hint, you may watch it at Christmas time!)
  5. How many noses does a slug have?
  6. What does the inside of yellow birch bark smell like?
    1. Mint 
    2. Rootbeer
    3. Cheetos 
    4. Cherry 

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

MCJ took the day by storm with a morning hike in Acadia, exploring Bar Harbor, and then a game-filled van ride to Brunswick for their final campsite of the trip! Acadia fun fact: The name Acadia comes from the explorer Giovanni Verrazano, who passed by the area in 1524 — the shoreline reminded him of a part of Greece named Arcadia. 

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

CI had a relaxing time SUPing (Stand up paddle boarding) today after a nice morning bike ride where they said hi to everyone they rode by! Rumor has it is laundry day tomorrow. Laundry fun fact: If you wash and dry one load of laundry every day for the next 44 years, you’ll clean as much as the folks at Walt Disney World do in a single day. The laundry cast members wash an average of 285,000 pounds each day – gotta keep Mickey looking and feeling his best!  

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

Did you know that by 2060, day hiking is projected to see the greatest rate of growth in adults out of any outdoor recreational activity? Today, our trusty leader Duncan gave us an insider tip about this lovely photo: “On our way up the pine link trail with Mt Adam’s looming in the background!” Way to go – we love to see it!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

NEMCB had another wonderful day of hiking, giggling, snacking, and exploring in New Hampshire. New Hampshire actually has 4 nicknames: the Granite State, Mother of Rivers, White Mountain State, and the Switzerland of America — all things I like!!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Oh yeahhhhh, CRM continued to impress us once again as they successfully completed their challenge day! I want all my readers to think back on a time where you accomplished something challenging – you felt amazing after, right? BOOL is sending our congratulations to Harrison, Amelia, and co! Did you know? The song, “America the Beautiful,” written by Katherine Lee Bates, was inspired by her views she saw from Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

Caribbean Service (CS)

Kendra and Kramer’s crew spent the day working on the incredible, wild Tanama River. Trail maintenance gave CS the opportunity to learn more about the area and explore the central valley. Puerto Rico trivia: the national animal is the small coqui tree frog, which doesn’t have webbed feet like other species of frogs! How cool!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

I understand the anticipation for MCCE’s kayaking picture has been unbearable, but I can finally say we have received it. Anyone know since which year have kayaks been a part of the Summer Olympics? Stay tuned for the answer after the picture! However, for today, MCCE is celebrating with their essay reading, lunch from the food trucks, and a final dinner in Portland! Congrats on your hard work MCCE – we are so proud!

Kayaking (Answer: 1936!)Post-essay sharing!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

DEXA put on their boogie shoes and moseyed their way to the beautiful Acadia National Park and spent time helping with a service project. Following, they swam at Echo Lake –  so refreshing after getting their hands dirty! KC and the Sunshine Trivia: the 1978 single, “Boogie Shoes,” was not a huge hit at the time but has become well-known thanks to its inclusion on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Ooo ahh how green!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

Another day – another Apogee group kayaking! DEXB kayaked back to their base camp after a wonderful night sleeping under the stars (Anyone else heard that called “starfishing?” Nope? Just me… that’s cool) After saying farewell to their handy dandy kayaks, they shimmied to Camden and made “a nice pre dinner jaunt down to the ocean” (quoted beautifully by Jack)! After some rain on whaleboat island last night, they treated themselves to some gelato in Brunswick before driving up the coast! Yum — can we guess what the most popular gelato flavors were by the group? World Record Fun Fact: in 2011, American Robyn Benincasa became the farthest distance women paddler who has kayaked ever in 24 hours at a stretch. She covered 371.92 km in the Yukon River – I think this group could definitely keep up!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Cowabunga!! Today, CRMC sat back and enjoyed a ride on Central America’s longest zip line AND got explore the town of Manuel Antonio! I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a great day to me! Did you know that in Australia and New Zealand a zipline is known as a flying fox?

Post zip-lining smiles and thumbs-ups!

California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

Pop Quiz! What is California’s state flower? If you guessed poppy, ding ding ding you got it!! This morning, CMC kayaked back to basecamp and then embarked on an afternoon day hike! Rumor has it, today has beautiful coastal views – wowsa!

Here, CMC is at the site of a 1906 earthquake, and they are reenacting it! On the left and right are two pieces of the same fence that shifted 16 feet in 1 minute – crazy!

Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

Are you tired of Trivia Thursday yet? I hope not! Did you know that at their closest points, Alaska is approximately 50 miles from Russia? If you could drive across the ocean you could be there in under an hour! Today, Julian and Mandy and their squad hiking out of the backcountry and started prepping for another encounter with the backcountry! Wow this is serious business – we are impressed! 

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

Ahoy, matey! Today, AKMCB experienced a beautiful ferry ride, where they learned about the history, wildlife, and geology of the area. Then, they jumped into their kayaks where they paddled along the shore (If I don’t see a Titanic pose from our fearless leaders, I will be a sad blogger)! Another Alaska fun fact: Alaska doesn’t have poison oak or poison ivy – I would say that’s something you would want to know!

On the water taxi and headed to Holgate Glacier

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

Let’s give NWXA a warm welcome as they emerged from the backcountry today! Hooray! After hiking 5 miles out this morning, Emma, Tommy, and co were able to do some laundry and errands and have a delicious celebratory dinner (from personal experience, anything in the woods tastes like it was made by Gordon Ramsey – prove me wrong). Did you know that North Cascades National Park contains more than 300 glaciers? Me either!  

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

Brilliant Backcountry Buddies! Keeping up the good work as they explore the Olympic National Park. What do we think is the coolest thing they have seen? We shall find out soon! Fun Fact: the Olympic Mountains formed over 30 million years ago and the ancient peaks were thought to have formed after two plates in the Pacific Ocean collided.

Northwest Explorer (NWXC)

Connor, Clio, and crew (can you tell I like alliterations?) are rockstars out in the backcountry today! We can’t wait to see all the pictures they have taken so stay tuned for tomorrow!! While we wait, I’ll tell you a little bit more about the North Cascades National Park, which is sometimes called the American Alps. The park was established in 1968 to preserve majestic mountain scenery, snowfields, glaciers, alpine meadows, cascading waterfalls, and other unique natural features in the North Cascade Range.

Pacific Coast (PC)

Getting close to San Francisco!! Woohoo go PC! Today was their second to last day of biking – time flies when you are having fun! Can you believe they have gone 561 miles so far? With their awesome leaders and support staff, we aren’t surprised! Cali trivia: California is home to the “Avocado Capital of the World.” Every year, Fallbrook holds an avocado festival to celebrate.

America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1)

As ACC1 celebrated their first birthday today, I’m wondering if anyone could tell me who also was born on this beautiful day? If you guessed Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, you got it! From everyone in the office, we are singing Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder and eating some brown butter chocolate chip cookies (contact us for our world famous recipe). Congrats on 95 miles today and making it to Texas! Did you know their state motto is friendship?

America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2)

I can imagine today like every other day was a great day for ACC2! Twas a rest day AND a mail day, so here’s an interesting fact: Today, a letter moves from New York to San Francisco in less than 7 hours. In 1900, it took 4 ½ days and in 1850, it took four to six weeks. Hope you learned something new! Nicole, Christian, and company – we hope your recently cleaned clothes serve you well until Laundry Day meets you again – Ciao! 


  1. Monroe, Jefferson, Adams 
  2. Dwell, Dwindle, Dwarf
  3. Jupiter
  4. Die Hard 
  5. Four
  6. Rootbeer 

Closing note – did you notice today’s blog was written by a newbie? Would you like to know my identity? You will just have to wait 

XOXO Gossip Girl