Day 2 – Sun Rises From East To West

After just one trip start yesterday, the season has truly started to ramp up today with four more trip starts! From Eugene, Oregon to Walterboro, SC, we have trips biking through the breadth of the United States (and will soon have a few in other countries, too)! Despite the weather slowing down some flights, and traffic slowing down Chad, the day has gone relatively smoothly, and by bed tonight we should have five full trips beginning their journeys together in the field.   In short time these groups will progress from nervous and shy to confident and goofy — a transition all you faithful blog readers will be able to watch happen in the pictures below!


America Coast To Coast 1: After spending their first night together last evening, and rising with the sun for the first time today, the group covered some ground on the bikes as they cruised through South Carolina.   They are having lots of fun and getting to know each other well!


Cape & The Islands: Our Cape group united today, and made short work of learning each other’s names, as you can see below.   The beautiful weather should lend itself well to some fun biking and beach time in the upcoming days for them.


Montana Service Adventure: All students have arrived in Montana and Addie has assured me that they are having loads of fun getting to know each other. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we couldn’t get a picture from them; we promise one is coming tomorrow though, after their first ride! For tonight we will think of them enjoying their first beautiful Big Sky sunset.

Pacific Coast 1B:  The sun shone a little brighter today as it rose in Oregon to the bright faces of the PC group. We are happy to report that the group size has grown substantially from what you see below, as all the students have arrived and are traveling to the coast to get ready for their first ride tomorrow!


Pacific Coast 1A:  With many student arrivals thwarted by flight delays, the group is still small (although bigger than you see below). By the time the sun sets tonight and with a few more rounds of cards under their belts, however, they should all be together camping and celebrating their leader, Micah’s, birthday!