Day 19 – Transitions

We’ve got a bunch of trips wrapping up in the next few days, and three who finished their riding today! After quite a hiatus, the cheesemaster Chad will be back tomorrow for your blog-reading entertainment.   Here’s the news:

PC: Both Pacific Coast trips are in! We’re happy to report that both groups have successfully crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, despite the intense fog visible in these photos.   Everyone is excited to be there with about 600 miles under their wheels!   Both groups are looking forward to spending the day exploring San Francisco tomorrow.

CI: I just talked to Julie who said their kids CRUSHED their challenge day and rode 35 miles across Nantucket!   They had some time to hang out at the beach this afternoon and enjoy the cool ocean after a long day of riding.

NEMC: This group enjoyed a roaring campfire last night and spent today on a high ropes course. Jillian said they had an awesome day today, and are looking forward to doing some hiking tomorrow!

TSA: Nick and Cait dropped their kids off at the airport this morning and everyone on the inaugural Tuscan Service Adventure should by now be home with their families.   They sent us this photo of the group out last night, and another of this group hug from the airport in Rome.

ACC: These guys are ripping across Texas.   Today, one group member wasn’t feeling well so they stopped a little bit short of their mileage and will stay tonight indoors at a church.   The last I heard, dinner was being made for them, and they were looking forward to celebrating a student’s birthday this evening!   They’ll have a short ride tomorrow before they take the afternoon off and get some well-deserved rest! I think in this photo they are being armadillos?

MSA:   These guys finished their riding today and are psyched to be in Whitefish.   They have the day there tomorrow to explore and spend time together before flights home on Friday.

CSA: This trip wrapped up early this morning with flights home.   Everyone will sleep comfortably in their own beds this evening!