Day 19 – Laws of the Universe

Is this blog the right place to comment on a National League win in the All-Star Game? What other Laws of the Universe are up for re-writing this week? Ohhh, you want to know about Apogee trips. Apologies. OK — to the matter at hand!

We started up the third, yes, third, iteration of our New England Mountains & Coast today in a light rain down in Weston, Massachusetts. Not put off by slightly-soggy PB&J, the crew lit north for Durham, New Hampshire and the Browne Center’s ropes course. We’ll be sure to post the pictures of young people in uncomfortable-looking harnesses tomorrow!

To the Cape — our groups were like ships crossing in the night, or day. Lucas, Danika and their gang were leaving Nantucket for the Cape proper at the same time Wyatt, Chrissy and their Madcap Gang of Adventurers (moniker courtesy of yours truly, they’re not to blame for it) took to the seas to get over to Nantucket for the next couple of days. The first picture below is of Lucas and Danika’s group mid-ferry ride — the second is of Wyatt and Chrissy’s group hamming it up at the landing.

Montana wrapped up today — I’ll spare you the picture of our group snoozing in the airport in the early hours, finally asleep after a long night reminiscing over their trip. Rachel did send me the below shot of their final “Quaker Countdown” at dinner last night. Rachel said the group had a fantastic last night to the trip — replete with tears when folks were saying goodbye (regular readers know how I feel about tears at a trip’s end — they’re great!).

And — to our only other trip in the field tonight — our Cross-Country Phenoms. They took the below shot in their formal Apogee-wear after being interviewed by the Bowie, TX newspaper — where they will be front-page news tomorrow. We’ll try to get a link to the article posted early tomorrow!

Seriously, though, the National League