Day 19: Crossing Bridges

Today’s blog comes from Cait (responsible for the beautiful photos) and Chris (responsible for the cheesy jokes) and begins with a question: What does the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco have to do with the bridge over the Flathead river in Montana? The answer…will be in tomorrow’s blog! 

We kid, of course. The answer is that both of these bridges were crossed today by Apogee groups as they roar into the final hours of their trips! And though the Pacific Coast crew and the Montana Service guys may be rolling over the water and into their final destinations, it’s been a big day for everyone: mountains have been climbed, islands explored and miles crunched. And so, lest we make any readers APOplectic (teehee) with further delay….here’s the blog!

CI2: CI flies fast to Nantucket today to continue their bicycling extravaganza…including riding all of the island’s bike paths!  Looks like they’re enjoying the high speed ferry!


NEMC 2: Leaders Phil and Emma rocked the Apo-day-glow tee shirts as their students rocked the rocks, trails, rivers and elevation (6288 feet!) of Mount Washington this morning. Congratulations to the group for conquering New England’s tallest peak!


IMG_7028 (1)

VM 2A: VM2A? More like VM two tickets to the gun show! Rosa and Noah’s gang used those muscles today as they pumped their way through the hills of northwestern Vermont en route to a beautiful lakeside campground. Smiles abound, happiness all around. 

IMG_2211For mobile users, we know this picture is flipped, and we’ll fix it in the morning!


VM 2B: The VM2B kids decided to get a head start on university life today, spending the lunch break lounging in the beautiful main quad at Middlebury College.

IMG_8628 IMG_9379

 CSA1: Natural conservation and spelunking made up CSA’s day on the western tip of Puerto Rico. The group spent the morning helping a local wildlife refuge re-pot and fertilize some of their trees.  And they are off to a cool (both in temperature and in uniqueness) hike through the caves in the refuge tonight!

IMG_0585 IMG_5889 IMG_8028

 CMC2: With every rainstorm comes a rainbow…and warrior face paint? Game faces (pre sea-kayaking) and jumping jubilation (post sea kayaking) mark the day for Jack and CC’s coastal Cali crew. 

IMG955095 IMG956368

Flyin high!

MSA: Another day, another beautiful view from the Montana group. Kelly and Garth’s gang have arrived at their final destination and are planning for a wonderful final night tomorrow…it sounds amazing. 


 PC1A: PCA’s day started with a bang- from one of their tires, that is. Despite the tube blowout, Tim and Ally’s group put on their game faces (and pink-tape covered helmets!) and blitzed their way into San Francisco…getting close to that final day dinner tomorrow!

pc1Lovin the ties, tape and bike tans


PC1B: Saaaaaaannnnnnnnn Frannnnncissssscoo!! PCB also made it into their final destination and reports that the group’s morale has never been higher. Tearful goodbyes are imminent. 

pc1b pcb

ECC: The trek through the French countryside continues, though it is doubtful that the “trek” descriptor accurately captures the emotions of a posing in front of a rolling European vineyard on a beautiful day. 

image (4) image (2)

ACC1: Everything’s bigger in Texas: the mileage, the vistas, the number of flats (13!) and the…rainstorms?  Though they’re wishing that they could return to mirages tomorrow, the lone star isn’t the only thing shining in Texas today…look at those smiles!  By the way, it was 70 degrees in TX today and 95 degrees here in Maine!


ACC2: ACC2 had mother nature with them on their ride through Texas today…not only did they miss the brunt of the rain, they also lucked out with a brief reprieve from the notorious summer heat. Here’s to hoping their luck continues tomorrow!

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