Day 18: Feelin’ Fine

It is a lovely day here in Maine, and we are absolutely loving the pictures today. The general consensus from all of our trips today is that today is a feel-good day. From California to France our students are soaking up the sun, riding the rapids, surfing the waves, conquering peaks, and crushing miles on their bikes. The weather is great all around, and we love seeing those big smiles. Everybody’s feelin’ fine! I (Susie) am alone in the office this afternoon while the rest of the staff meet families at the CQ end, and our DEX leaders are busy checking their gear and getting ready for part deux. That’s enough from HQ, though–let’s see what’s happening out on trip!

NEMC: Now that they’ve finished their team-building and ropes course adventure, our NEMC group started the day right with a delicious blueberry oatmeal breakfast. Then it was onward to Mount Willard! I got these summit pictures from Emma before 10:30 a.m. so it seems these guys made quick work of the mountain. That deserves a big ol’ jump for joy!


CI: Our Cape Codders are still on Martha’s Vineyard, doing their community service project today. They are having a great time at the Farm Institute making some bovine friends. Moooo! Here are some shots of the group in action, plus beach time!


VMA: After a fabulous night eating s’mores (see celebratory s’mores photo below), Rosa and Noah’s group has been cruising north. They stopped for lunch at Middlebury College, and will be on Lake Champlain enjoying views of the Adirondacks in no time!


VMB: Puppies, puppies, puppies!! Who doesn’t love a little puppy-love at lunch? Matt and Victoria’s crew enjoyed a little puppy time (and a little Garrett the Photo Intern time) at lunch today while crushing their miles through the beautiful Vermont countryside. Those clementines look good…mmmm…


CQA&B: Both of our CQ trips finished up today. They woke up nice and early to depart Quebec City with Chris and Chad at the wheels; the drive was epic, complete with bumpin’ pop music and several (four!) moose sightings. Lizzie, Ben, Posie, and Postyn all had a great time and can’t wait to head out again!

CSA: The sun is warm, the waves are rolling, and the sky is clear down in Puerto Rico as our CSA crew sets aside their work gloves for a day of surfing! Dylan and Hannah sent us a bunch of amazing photos from the beach–not too shabby, eh? The group only has a few more days before finishing up in San Juan; all good things must come to an end! But first, surf’s up!


CMC: Our new group of Californians is doing great out on the Golden Coast as they begin their journey with the paddle! CC sent me some pictures of the group living it up on the beach:


MSA: Out in West Glacier, Kelly and Garth’s fearless bikers are out on the river today! We still haven’t gotten a picture from them (texting is a bad idea while rafting!), but we’ll keep you posted.  7/15/13 – 8:40 AM.  Below is a shot of rafting the Flathead River!


PCA: Today Ally and Tim’s riders are showing us how to look good on the road. Here’s a high-class fashion shot, a demonstration of how to pack a bike (with no bungees!?) and of course, a lovely picture from the road. Ally wrote today: “Cruising through Sonoma wine and bovine country! Sun is finally shining again. Last full day of biking before the Golden Gate.” Can you believe it, folks? They’re almost there!


PCA2Look, ma – no bungees!


PCB: Mia called the office this morning asking if her group could do the rest of their mileage today and ride all the way into San Francisco! We had to say no, unfortunately, mostly because of hostel reservations, but we were thrilled to hear the group is riding so strong! Here’s a shot of the super-bikers on the way:


ACC1: Guess where. …You got it, folks, this is Paris, Texas! Nick reported great moods as the slightly overcast sky made for a much cooler ride today. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Eiffel Tower action? That cowboy hat is pretty excellent–gives the ECC photo a run for its money!

ACC1(2) ACC1

ACC2: McKayla just texted me– the group is in high spirits and has strong tailwinds as they cruise toward Texarkana! Here are some nice shots on the road; what a good-looking bunch, no?

ACC2(2) ACC2

ECC: Due to the technologies and airwaves and such we have a slightly mini picture–but you get the idea, right? It’s France! What could be bad? David and Anna report great riding as their group sails toward the German border – they’re in the beautiful French city of Nancy tonight. They are loving the beautiful countryside and can’t wait to explore Strasbourg.