Day 18 – Coconut Cream Pie

Day 18 already!   8 trips in the field, and photos from all!   It’s been a quiet, quiet day in the office, everything is humming along.   No hokey jokes for you today, because it’s guest bloggers Mia and Kevin at the helm!   Geology major Kevin and myself can’t live up to our dear friend Chad’s cheesy musings (did we say that?), that we know you all love, so here are the updates.   We may not have captured every kid today, but we have a photo from every group.

PCA: The number of miles to San Francisco is dwindling and these guys are cruising through one of their final days of biking before they reach San Francisco tomorrow!   Danika sent us this picture last night of their post cycling shenanigans in the sand dunes.

TSA: In Nick’s words, these guys had an EPIC day exploring Rome.   So much to see and so little time! I think they’re doing a pretty good job of seeing the sights: today they went to the Coliseum, Pantheon, and the San Piedro Basilica in Vatican City.   They climbed to the top of the Basilica to get this amazing view, and a few kids claim they got within 10 feet of the Pope!   More attraction visiting was in store for this group later tonight after their final dinner together as a group.   Hard to believe all but Nick and Cait will be home by this time tomorrow.

NEMC: Our first New England Mountains and Coast trip kicked off today!   These guys are learning the ropes this afternoon, working on tent set-up in this photo.   Tomorrow they learn the real ropes in their adventuring to a ropes course.

CI: Julie and Peter’s crew ferried into Nantucket this afternoon and kicked off their arrival by doing laundry (so very exciting)!   Everyone is looking beautifully sunkissed in this photo from the ferry ride to Nantucket this morning.

PCB: Although sea kayaking was a few days ago, I just got a good update from Anna who said the kids absolutely LOVED it, they saw a bunch of seals and apparently made awesome trumpets out of seaweed.   They’ve been enjoying their mileage today, with fun rolling hills and passing lots of elk on roadsides!   Everyone is looking forward to reaching San Francisco tomorrow.

MSA: David and Anna’s group spent today rafting on the very very high Flathead river which made for really fun rapids!   Here’s a shot of some of the group after rafting this afternoon.

CSA: And here’s a shot of Wyatt and Heidi’s group in San Juan!   The group spent today exploring and apparently climbing into very skinny stone hallways along the coastline.   This trip wraps up with a final dinner out tonight and flights home tomorrow.

ACC: The coast to coasters are cruising through Texas in the sizzling heat, and made great time today.  They even took a break to pet the occasional horse!