Day 18: A True Smorgasbord

By: The Sunday Office Crew

We have a little bit of everything in today’s blog. A variety of authors, writing styles, activities, phases of trip and more. So hold on tight, try to keep up, and enjoy this Sunday Edition of the Apogee Blog!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ2): Today Apogee shipped out to “west” Boston to meet up with their gang, before making the scenic drive up to Freeport, Maine for the start of Maine Coast Junior 2. Given Michael and Jess’ penchant for games and good humor, there was no lack of laughs or good times in the drive up to Freeport. Here’s to a slick trip! MCJ


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE1): With last night’s writing conferences fresh on their minds, the MCCE gang spent a rainy morning in Maine cozied up by their computers, polishing drafts and incorporating their most recent feedback. The forecast was in their favor with rain subsiding in the afternoon, just in time for them to head to the shore and launch sea kayaks! Tonight they’ll put their finishing touches on the essays, in anticipation of tomorrow’s optional read-aloud session.

Only thing that’s missing? Water!
Found it!


Cape Cod & the Islands (CI2): Our adventurous Capers packed their panniers and loaded their bikes for their first real day of riding today. The group navigated one ferry and approximately eight miles to take them to their destination for the evening on Martha’s Vineyard – where they’ll be for the next two days, riding and exploring together!CI


New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC1): Refreshed from a restful night of rapid rafting recovery, our ragtag ring of NEMC’ers hit the road for a rewarding reprieve from ropes, rafts, and remote recreation. Replenishing food resources for rural recipients? Righteous!NEMC8 NEMC7 NEMC3 NEMC4 NEMC2 NEMC NEMC5


Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA2): Our crew put the “service” in Caribbean Service Adventure today and wasted no time diving in to their first project of the trip. Their hard work, contributing to the mission of rain forest conservation, was sprinkled with educational tidbits from their guide including the importance of protecting the land, and how to identify the flora and fauna that call it home. The critters say “¡gracias!”CSA2CSA CSA3

A Puerto Rican spin on the classic American Gothic painting – matching unicorn shirts and all!


Vermont to Montreal A (VMA2): And the group is biking, biking, and biking, biking….In the words of our good friends The Black Eyed Peas, our Vermont to Montrealers have “gotten it started” on their way to Montreal. Looks like they got to rest their legs after their first 22 miles with a dip in some undoubtedly refreshing water!VM


Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEXA2): Leaders Lizzie and Rhett reached their hands out to a new gang of Apogeers and as soon as everyone arrived, they were off! The group snuggled into the van for a drive to the coast, where they’ll spend a couple of nights on the mainland before heading out to sea for island camping.DEXA


Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEXB2): Shannon and Jared also welcomed a fresh batch of Apogeers eager to explore and revel in the Maine outdoors. Rainy days and Mondays may get the Carpenters down, but rainy days and Sundays didn’t affect our DEXB group – in fact, by the time the group met up the clouds had parted and the sun was shinning!DEXB


Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS2): ¡Bienvenidos a Costa Rica! The students have landed and once assembled, will head out into the refreshingly humid air of Central America. The days to come will undoubtedly be filled with waterfalls, rainforests, sloths, monkeys and local cuisine, so we can hardly wait to see the pics to come!CRLS


California Mountains & Coast A (CMCA2): It was like Christmas morning for Dave and Isa as they met each of their students in San Fran today. Once they connected with everyone and their gear, they were off – driving up the coast to their first campsite in preparation for kayaking in Point Reyes National Seashore tomorrow morning. In the name of chronology, maybe we should have named this trip California Coast & Mountains…

Something tells me this crew is in an intense game of ninja!


California Mountains & Coast B (CMCB2): Jessi and Nick’s CMCB gang didn’t waste any time before they dove into Apogee games and snacks at the San Francisco airport. Once assembled, they’ll head straight towards Northern California and the Giant Sequoia groves of Arnold. On a clear day, they don’t even need driving directions – they can just head towards the 250-foot trees. Okay, well not exactly, but those are some pretty big trees!CMCB2CMCB


Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): After countless days of biking and service, our Montana crew enjoyed a well deserved reprieve on today’s itinerary. Rather than subjecting their legs to the daily exercise, the group engaged their core and arms as they worked as a team to navigate down the river waters while rafting. With smiles abound, the group splashed their way into their last night before their final bike ride to Whitefish tomorrow. Boy, does time fly!MSA


Northwest Explorer (NWX1): Today NWX had a full day out in the San Juans – they spent the day doing community service on the island and also exploring the area in their kayaks. Spirits are high and it has been incredibly beautiful – punctuated by memorable sunsets and sunrises (as documented below). Tomorrow the gang heads to their final destination – Seattle. We can’t believe it’s drawing to a close!NWX2



Pacific Coast A (PC1A): ‘Twas the night before San Francisco, when all through the camp, not an item was stirring, not even a headlamp. The panniers were hung by the bikes with care, in hopes that morning soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their sleeping bag-beds; While visions of The Golden Gate Bridge danced in their heads…


Pacific Coast B (PC1B): With Lindsay in her ‘kerchief and Spencer in his cap, PCB noticed that they, too, would be in SF in a snap! “72 miles to go?” they said midway through today’s ride, “That’s nothing – onward! To San Fran we’ll glide!” PCB


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX1): Today our intrepid highland explorers had their longest – and final – day of hiking of the entire trip. That’s right – last but not least, literally! They conquered 19 picturesque, if not entirely flat…, miles and reached their final destination on the Great Glen Way – Inverness. Off to Edinburgh by train tomorrow!SHX SHX2


Alps Explorer (AX1): At this point on the TMB, Will and Becca’s crew can handle just about any hike. As they tackled their last full day of the Tour today, they were able to breathe in the quintessential Swiss mountain valley air as they strolled on the flattest terrain of the trip. Passing through cattle grazing lands, rolling hillsides, and old log-cabins, they arrived in the small town of Champex. And for those of us on the East Coast, the gang will likely be beginning their hike tonight at about 10 PM ET to complete the TMB!AX2 AX


Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): After the “Mon dieu!” yesterday the group bid Paris “adieu” this morning and hopped on a train back to Bar-le-Duc. Here they’ll get in some crucial rest day activities such as games, laundry, and sleep. They’ll hop back on the bikes tomorrow and continue on through the beautiful French countryside towards the small city of Nancy.

Hanging out back in Bar-le-Duc post-Paris


America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): Has it really been 18 days already?! The group is truly on a roll (pun intended) and eating miles for breakfast – and lunch, and dinner. On today’s menu? A delicious entree of 82 miles with a side of panniers and safety flags. Yum!ACC1


America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2):  Fresh off their rest day, this group was eager to get back on the bikes and soak up some sun. However, judging by the trees in the photo below it looks as though they may have faced a few winds along the way – here’s to hoping it was propelling them westward!

We love to see Lucy rockin’ her high viz Apo jersey – looking good AND feeling good!