Day 17 – The Prodigals Take a Picture!

Good afternoon from hot, sticky Brunswick!   Three trips wrapped up today in Freeport with group hugs and lots of smiles.

DEX: There was a last epic game of ultimate Frisbee this morning before Nora, who had been to drop off two of her girls at the airport for very, very early flights, returned to camp with a special breakfast of Mr. Bagel bagels!   And then, with sad but full hearts, everyone piled into the van for one last time and drove to meet their parents.

CQA & CQB: After an amazing night out in Quebec City, and one very long van ride back to the coast of Maine, both Coast to Quebec trips ended this afternoon, and final group photos were taken of groups hug, funny hats and matching T-Shirts.   Everyone was sad to leave their new friends, but I’m sure will be happy to sleep in their own beds this evening! (The picture below is Hannah and Shem’s crew doing their best Charlie’s Angels with their crazy new bird hats…)

PCB: Here, at long last, is a photo of our prodigals!   And what a photo – check out that coastline – look at those pictures!   We had great reports from kayaking yesterday, and these guys are happily chugging on down the coast on bikes again today!

PCA: Andy and Danika’s group had lunch at Sonama Coast State Beach after powering through some hills this morning!   These guys are only a few days away from their grand finale in San Francisco!

MSA: David and Anna’s group did service today in East Glacier.   The group got some of the oldest buildings in Glacier National Park ready for painting.

TSA: It’s hard to believe it but our Tuscan Adventurers have only one full day left together!   These guys are hoping to get up early tomorrow morning and do some crazy sight-seeing in Rome! Here is several of the crew soaking in the sweet Tuscan sun.

ACC: These guys are moving through Texas!   It’s boiling hot and they’re drinking loads of fluids.   Unfortunately every day is not sunny on a trip like this, and these guys have had a rough few days.   We’re sad to report that a student had to leave the trip because he had a non-biking related injury on their off day.   The group will ride on, and we’re hoping he will re-join the group later on in their journey.

CSA: Here’s a pic of these guys doing service today.   They planted about 600 trees and painted an observation tower.   They wanted to give a shout out to their buddy Luis – pictured below – who has been surfing and doing service with them over the past few days.   Snazzy new T-shirts, eh?

CI: Cape and the Islands did service with our outstanding partner the The Farm Institute, before an afternoon of frivolity at the Vineyard’s south beach!