Day 17: Globetrotters

It’s a calm and beautiful day here at the office, and we are getting excited to see our DEX and CQ leaders again–Izzy and John finished up today, and our CQ leaders will return tomorrow. Everyone else is making great progress and all reports across the Apogee spectrum are very positive! It’s hard to believe, folks–but today there are trips in California, Montana, Quebec, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Vermont, Arkansas, Texas, Puerto Rico, and France. All together Apogee is quite the bunch of globetrotters! It is really amazing to hear from all of these places every day–the best part is the photos! So without further ado, here we go:

CI: Kirk and Laura’s crew boarded their first of many ferries today–off to Martha’s Vineyard! Fun fact: Jaws was filmed in Edgartown, on MV! But don’t fret, parents–there are no sharks, just sun and good times! Here’s a shot of the crew staying dry on the ferry:


NEMC: Our New Englanders have gotten off to a fantastic start at the ropes course today–they have already done some awesome team building exercise and tried out some of the higher ropes. Plus, everyone looks super stylish in their harnesses! Soon it will be time for the White Mountains!


VMA: Rosa and Noah’s crew is loving Vermont so far; they are cruising and enjoying the scenery while they’re at it. Here’s a shot of the group by a covered bridge–quintessential Vermont! 


VMB: Matt, Victoria, and company are moving right along, and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful Vermont countryside.  Here’s a roadside group photo: nice shades!


CQA&B: Both of our Quebecois groups have their day off in the city today and are loving the European feel. Posie, Postyn, Ben & Lizzie are still having trouble sending pictures with their phones (we’re blaming iPhones coupled with AT&T at the moment).  But the groups will be crossing back into Maine tomorrow (via a van shuttle) with pictures aplenty! We can’t wait to see everyone again and hear all the awesome stories from their trips!

CMC2: Jack and CC are underway with their second group of California kayakers, rafters, and hikers.  Here’s a group shot at the airport early this afternoon after everyone connected.


DEX: Our DEX crew is done today… I saw the group early in the morning to do an airport run, and they had all just slept out under the stars. They had a great dinner last night in Portland, complete with leader outfit design. What an awesome group! 


Izzy and John in student-designed outfits!


Group hug!!!!


CSA: Today the crew in Puerto Rico is working at a Salvation Army, helping out with cleaning up. They have high spirits, as always, and were sure to leave the Apogee mark on the chalkboard before cleaning. Keep up the good work, guys!


PCA: Ally sent me a super upbeat text message today–it sounds like she and Tim are just having a ball with their students as they get even closer to San Francisco. The weather has been a bit foggy, but the group is in high spirits!


PCB: We just spoke to Mia and the group is doing awesome out on the California coast! She said the group finished 50 miles before lunch and are feeling great. Sounds like everyone is psyched to be crushing miles! Here’s a group picture on the road:


MSA: Our intrepid Montanans have reached West Glacier! This little town at the far end of the “Going to the Sun Road” is a huge milestone for the group–they have a couple days off the bike there before their last day of riding to Whitefish. Today they are working on a service project for the national park, and tomorrow they will raft the Flathead River! Here are some shots from the today’s project:


ACC1: Alexis and Nick’s crew was in Texarkana last night, which means one thing: state line! Nick sent me this picture from Clarksville, TX this morning–everyone is in great spirits as they start cruising through the Lone Star State!


ACC2: Life is tough for Mike and McKayla’s group… volleyball in the pool at the Wall’s today. They are so appreciative of the hospitality and are getting ready to cross into Texas! All is well!


ECC: Our ECC crew is still having trouble sending pictures, but they are cruising through France and getting excited for Strasbourg in a few days! The terrain is getting a bit hillier as they approach the Vosges mountains. Then on to crossing the Rhein into Germany! Jawohl!