Day 15: Wherever we go, there we are!

By:  Shem Dixon, Assistant Director Extraordinaire!

CQA & CQB:  Allez, allez!  Quebec nous voila!  Quebec here we come!  CQA and CQB have made some serious moves today – powering through their ride (and some headwinds) along the Chaudiere River.  They’re arriving in Quebec City as I write this, and excited for a hearty dose of Old Quebec tomorrow.  Cobblestones and crepes await!  We PROMISE to have pictures of them tomorrow!

DEX:  Belying their name (Maine’s Downeast Explorer), DEX sure spent a lot of time climbing up today!  Here they are on top of Mount Katahdin – 5270 feet above the ocean they kayaked on only a week ago!


Katahdin means “The Greatest Mountain” in the language of the local Penobscot Nations.


A classic mountain-top pig-pile.  Always to lee-ward!

MSA:  Hannah, Chris, and Co. continue to find ways to maximize their locations!  MSA spent today performing some more service work and exploring Glacier National Park.

image (5)

 A quick dip in Saint Mary Lake?  Yes, please!

image (6)

Safety vests and service go hand in hand!

image (7)

Look at those mountains!  MSA will be winding their way through those tomorrow!

NWX:  Speaking of mountains, let’s check in on those intrepid explorers of the Pacific Northwest!  John and Izzy called us earlier today raving about their time in the North Cascades, and then sent us pictures to prove it.  Said Izzy of one of their campsites; “It was perhaps the most beautiful place I’ve ever camped!”

20140706_164425 20140705_101215

 Even the van can’t detract from this vista!


 A very accomplished crew!


Lunch and nap in the sun?  You bet!

PCA:  Finding themselves in a beautiful campground and with no miles to ride, PCA took the opportunity to engage in a little service work this morning.  The office caught up with them this afternoon, while they were exploring nearby Mendocino.

IMG_1853 IMG_2966

Campground beautification – leaving our accommodations better than we found them!


The commitment to hydration and visibility bring a tear to this writer’s eye.

IMG_6001 (1)

Invasive plants beware!

PCB:  Leggett yesterday, Leggett today, legs, it seems, are more than up to the task!  PCB cruising in PCA’s tire tracks all the way up and over Leggett Hill and returning to their beloved Pacific.


On top of old Leggett, all covered in smiles!

IMG_2366 IMG_8107

Ah, the sea breezes!

AX:  A very well deserved rest day spent experiencing alpine Italian culture in Courmayeur!

ax1 ax2

Now that’s a pyramid picture done right!  With a mountainous backdrop as an added bonus.


Mmm, mmm.  Apogee hors d’oeurves!

ECCA:  Mia and Jeremy’s crew rode out from the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, and into the charm of rolling French countryside.  So charming, in fact, as to not have provided them with a chance to send pictures our way!  I’m sure we’ll all be jealous when we do see the photos!

ECCB:  Today found our second (in name only!) ECC trip enjoying the first non-riding day of their trip in Paris.  See below for pictures of them experiencing some of the best Paris has to offer!

photo 1 (2)

Selfies by the Seine!

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1) photo 3 (2)

Hmmm, I sense a theme for our Europe trips, pyramids in front of pyramids!

ACC2:  State lines, road signs, and bridges devine!  ACC2 is making moves!  And riding with all the colors of the rainbow.

IMG_2645.JPG IMG_2652

The dear state of Arkansas must take helmet safety as seriously as we do.  Always buckle your helmet!




More selfies!

ACC1:  ACC1 absolutely crushed their day today!  They spent many long hours relaxing, recuperating, and generally rejoicing in the wonderfulness that is the Wall family.  Thank you again, Walls, from all of us here in Brunswick!  You make our groups feel so welcome every year!

IMG_5619 IMG_5617

Smiling faces in restful places.


ACC 2032?