Day 15 – They’re Gr-r-r-eat!

Hello dear Apogee Blog readers! As being a guest blogger is turning into tradition, it is Mike here that gets to bring you today’s exciting events! The wide world of Apogee had a busy Saturday, so lets get down to it…

We’ll start with the KIDS, which was only two today!:

TSA — I spoke with Nick this morning very briefly. They were zooming around the grocery store and asked me how to make pancakes from scratch, and how to say ”˜flour’ in Italian. In the background, I heard an excited group of kids talking with someone in the store who knew what they were after. Sounds like breakfast for dinner to me! They will be heading for the coast tomorrow during their final full day of riding!

PC1B — Today is a big transition for Lucas and Anna’s group. They are moving over the mountains away from the Redwoods and back to the much cooler coast. Although it was a long day today, the group was in great spirits and excited to see the water again. Tomorrow, they will enjoy a day off the bikes as they kayak on the Pacific Coast!

CSA — Wyatt and Heidi’s group are loving life. They worked at the Salvation Army today with some locals going through clothes to get them ready for sale. After the service, they got invited to take a dip in the swimming pool which was a refreshing break. They are back at their amazing villa tonight and will be headed up the western coast tomorrow to meet up with their surfing guides and Hang 10 on some Gnarly waves!

DEX — Nora said that the group was ecstatic of their accomplishment as they had just reached the summit of Mt. Katahdin, a 5,268 foot behemoth that was the Apogee of their trip. The hike is known for its challenging terrain, but the group seemed to cover it with ease. When we talked, they were headed back down to Chimney Pond and planned on relaxing in a river for recovery. They head downstate tomorrow for their final full day!

ACC — Pete couldn’t have been more excited when I talked to him. He said that today’s day off has been the most relaxing yet, but also the most fun! The group enjoyed getting all their mail, are loading up on food, and staying out of the heat. Big day tomorrow as they get back on the bikes and head to the great state of TEXAS!

VM — The inaugural Vermont to Montreal trip ended today with a sad farewell but a very warm group hug. The group spent all day yesterday exploring the city and had a great final dinner and more dessert than they could handle.

CQ1A — Laura and Pat’s group was on a mission this morning, and nothing was going to get in their way! The goal: be the first group to their HQ in Quebec. The plan: wake up early and start biking at dawn. The outcome: SUCCESS! The group made it into Quebec early today and have locked up their bikes, now exploring the city on foot. Laura said that they were making their way around, dropping in on the many free concerts that are happening right now!

CQ1B — Although not the first Apogee group into Quebec today, Hannah and Shem’s warriors enjoyed their longer ride into the city, stopping along the way to get the native land’s colors. They, too, plan on roaming the city this afternoon and listening to some great concerts!

PC1A — This group always seems to be up to something! I got this picture from Andy which said “we raided Peg’s House (a store) for Baja Hoodies and acquired 10 pounds of free cobbler! The empty pan was returned and the rest of the cobbler is taking a ride down the coast!” — Sounds to me like the group will be eating well for days!

MSA — Our group headed out today, traveling south, and trading the brutal 60 mph winds from yesterday for a 25 mph “breeze” today. When we spoke, they were on top of a mountain, looking at the great views Montana has to offer, seeing where they’ve come from and where they are going.

CI2 — And last not but not least, Peter and Julie are back down on the Cape today, this time with a new group that is nervously excited. They will be doing their introductions, name games, and so many more great activities before calling it a night. After a short ride today, the biking really starts tomorrow!