Day 15 – Part 1 – The Gyre Turns

Alright, Dear Reader, we’re officially back in the saddle after yesterday’s egregious neglect of the blog. But — the good news is that two new Cape trips are up and running. And, as one cycle begins, so must another end — so says Basho. Or maybe not.

In any case, as the Cape trips are just getting going, our second New England Mountains and Coast trip is finishing up tonight. I was able to stop by and see the group in the middle of a pretty fierce game of Ultimate Frisbee down at Thomas Point. David worked into the wee hours to set up the great tarp that you see below — he was so proud of it that he asked me to make sure it made the blog. It was damp today, so his work was well worth it. David, Anna, and Co. will be out for a big, final dinner tonight in Portland before saying goodbye tomorrow morning.

Speaking of goodbye, or adieu, as it were, our Quebecers are enjoying their last night together in, appropriately, Quebec. Pete and Emily’s group sent in a lovely, if unnecessarily large, shot of the gang in front of the Chateau Frontenac. Below that you’ll find a very well-timed shot of Corley and Andy’s group in front of the same Chateau.

Rachel, Sam and the Montanans are riding the Going to the Sun Highway (maybe the most beautiful single-day bicycle ride in the entire United States) today. Rachel was able to find just enough cell service to send this picture of several of their gang enjoying the view at St. Mary Lake.