Day 14 – Full Steam Ahead!

The transition period continues today in the Apogee realm!   I, Mia, am your guest blogger for this evening, Kevin is getting ready to head to Cape Cod tomorrow to start the second Cape and the Islands trip, and Chad is on his way to Montreal as I type, en route to pick up Mason and Rachel’s crew.

Several groups failed to send us pictures today, but we have much excitement to report from the field!

VH:   Sam and Jillian’s group wrapped up their trip this morning after having a blast exploring Burlington yesterday.   Below is a photo of their smiley group hyped up on sugar from the Vermonster (20 scoops of ice cream) they consumed at Ben and Jerry’s after their final dinner last night.     Also Sam and Jillian wanted to make sure that this blog post featured a shout out to Boss Mode (left to your interpretation…).

CQ:   Both groups are now across the border, and will race each other to Quebec City tomorrow!   I just got off the phone with Pat who said their group was developing their strategy to beat the older group.  He said today’s ride in the Canadian countryside was beautiful, and that everyone is looking forward to their time in the city beginning tomorrow afternoon!  Here’s a shot of Hannah and Shem’s crew crossing the border today!

DEX:   Nora called this morning and said that the group LOVED their time in the backcountry, and everyone is doing really well.   The group had a pretty relaxed day today, but is looking forward to hiking Mount Katahdin tomorrow!   Two group shots from these guys today to compensate from their incommunicability while hiking in the deep woods!

CSA: These guys spent today working hard on a reforestation project, and are all very much looking forward to their surfing lesson tomorrow!

PCA:   Andy and Danika’s group is enjoying the slightly lower temperatures today now that they are back on the coast until they reach San Francisco!   I just talked to Andy, and he said their group biked over a small mountain range today and everybody rocked it (!!) and now the group is “chillin’ by the Pacific Ocean.”

PCB: Lucas and Anna’s group is doing well and working their way through the redwoods today.   Lucas said the group biked 41 miles before lunch!   These guys will tackle some hills in the morning before returning to the coast tomorrow afternoon!

TSA: Nick and Cait’s group worked in a garden today, and enjoyed a homemade breakfast of bread, homemade cheese and jam this morning.   Tomorrow the group will be back on their bikes and heading to the cliff town of Pitigliano.

ACC:   Emily says the group has experienced an amazing amount of Southern Hospitality over the last few days.   They’ve spent the past few nights in churches, and yesterday had a treat of homemade ice cream.   The group had a shorter day of riding today, and are psyched to be spending tomorrow in El Dorado with the Apogee all star Wall family.     They had a shorter ride today, and have been swimming and playing outside in their down time this afternoon!

MSA:   Anna reported this morning that the group was unable to ride today because of very high winds!   Instead, they took a tram up a mountain to get a look at the glaciers!

VM: Mason sent this picture in a little earlier today.   These guys had a great day exploring Montreal today; they spent some time walking around the city, and played a bunch of games in a park.   Everyone is looking forward to their final dinner tonight!