Day 13: Sassy Bun Challenge Day and Other Delights

By Cait Bradley

Assistant Director Cait guest blogging tonight in what will probably be my first and last blog post of the summer.  I’m a math major, and a math teacher – writing terrifies me! But I am nonetheless happy to share news of the wonderful happenings of our trips – many finishing up today and more going strong!

VM:  Our Vermont to Montreal super stars finished up their trip this morning with many stories and the (long) van ride back from Montreal.  As we speak we can expect they are taking a shower and doing multiple loads of laundry (sorry, mom and dad!).


CMC:   California Mountains and Coast group finished up this morning as well.  Here is a picture of our hikers all geared up traveling through San Francisco International airport bright and early this morning getting ready to say their goodbyes and hop on their flights home!


CSA:  This group will be leaving their Caribbean life of surfing, swimming, beaches, and service today but won’t forget the fun they had along the way!  They enjoyed a lovely dinner last night with some delicious Puerto Rican food and explored the city of Old San Juan.

IMG_8118 IMG_4960 IMG_1136.JPG

CQA:  Coast to Quebec A continues to head on their journey north this morning with a big ride to cross over into Canada.  This shot is from this morning back in Maine where our group was toasting to “happiness, friendship, and greater North American relations”!

image (1)

CQB:  Coast to Quebec B is getting ready to hit the rapids this morning on their white water rafting trip.  This first shot shows what a cool bunch they are while the second has them all getting ready to paddle hard! [Ed Note:  Looks like they decided to float plane it the rest of the way….]

image image (2)

DEX: The hikers from the north enjoyed another day hiking along the famous Appalachian trial.  We’ll definitely hear from them tomorrow!

MSA:  Our Montana Service Adventurers are out of service today but they rode into Glacier National Park, arguably the most beautiful national park in this here United States.  This group will be doing service and rafting here over the next couple of days and no doubt taking in the extreme beauty and enjoying each others company!

NWX: The Northwest Explorers are still deep in the back country, and, knowing Izzy and John, enjoying many trail games and riddles while taking in the breathless scenes of the North Cascades!  We should be back up and running with photos on Thursday from this great bunch!

PCA:  Matt and Jeanne’s All Stars woke up bright and early to get ready for their big ride through the Avenue of the Giants!  These kiddos rose with a start and got things off right with a game of Ninja then stopped along the way to take in the grandness of the redwoods.  At their campground tonight these guys will experience some terrific views by the river and a refreshing dip!


PCB:  Trevor and Kate’s Pacific Coasters are getting ready for their own big ride on the Avenue of the Giants.  Today’s ride is a challenging one for the group, but nothing these guys aren’t ready to handle.  Plus, waiting for them at their campground is a spot to take a dip and the chance to sleep among tall trees and massive tree stumps as they are staying in the middle of a 2nd-generation forest!  When talking to Kate this morning she said someone asked the to group to point where they were headed today.. see the photo below, it’s a good thing Kate and Trevor are in charge!

IMG_5794 IMG_7743

AX: Our European hikers extraordinaire crossed the border and made it to their stop for the night at this lovely rifugio where they are staying indoors and being wined and dined (minus the wine, of course!).  Chad got to speak to CC and Jack this morning and reported back all great things – even though they were snowed on for much of the day!


ax2All those brown dots?  Sheep!


ax3 ax4 ax3

ECCA:  I just got off the phone with Mia and they are having the time of their lives!  She said today they had a fantastic ride through beautiful little country towns, they dazzled each other on the bikes today with their freestyle rapping, are smelling so fresh and so clean after doing laundry, and enjoyed baguettes, spec, and all things European tonight for dinner.  This group cannot wait for their rest day in Paris tomorrow!


ECCB: Our European Coast to Coasters B rode along some beautiful rolling countryside of France into Montidier tonight.  Nick and Christine’s Dynamo’s didn’t have service to send a picture today but they will tomorrow.  They’re looking forward to their own day in Paris on Thursday!

ACC1:  This group of super stars is taking the South by storm.  They have officially crossed over the Mississippi River and have crossed into their fourth state out of nine.  Our ACCers are enjoying a celebratory Dr. Pepper after crossing into Arkansas during their cheese, cracker, and fruit snack break (keepin’ it classy!).

IMG_2468 IMG_3778 IMG_5052 IMG_2244

ACC2:  This group of hard core bikers took on their longest day yet with a 99 mile ride.  This bunch also enjoyed a home cooked Southern meal of tasty roasted chicken last night from an awesome ACC friend.  As Ally put it this morning when we talked to her, “it was Southern hospitality at its finest!”

IMG_2503.JPG IMG_2513.JPG

Sassy Bun Challenge Day!  Shout out to Apogee alum extraordinaire Kate Wyeth on the perseverance for making a sassy bun work with a helmet and sharing these skills, thanks Kate!


IMG_2462.JPGThanks for the amazing hospitality, Dave!