Day 13: Hasta La Huego!

By: Emily Sturtevant

What a day! We bid adios, fare thee well, sayonara, au revoir, to our friends on our first California Mountains & Coast, Caribbean Service Adventure, Vermont to Montreal, Downeast Explorer (A & B), and Cape Cod & the Islands trips. Hard to believe that we’re already saying goodbye to so many good friends!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE):

Our rising Seniors are working hard on their essays today – and working hard out there in the open air, too! They spent the morning and evening working on their outlines and drafts with Jaed as they hone in on their topics. They also wanted to to take advantage of the nice weather and to stretch their legs, so Rhia and Miles’ crew spent the afternoon volunteering with the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, where they helped out at the Community Garden. Lots of smiles in these pictures today!
MCCE - Service

MCCE1 - Service MCCE1 - Service2

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC):

The group transitioned from the ropes course to the White Mountains as they took on Mt. Pierce today! Before starting they discussed the importance of hiking safety, from blister prevention to the buddy system – tools they will use the next couple of days as the conquer peaks ahead of them.

NEMC1- Mt. Pierce
NEMC - Summit Silliness
They’re throwing a lot of horns here….
NEMC - summit pic!

Cape Cod and the Islands (CI):

Our Capers have wrapped up their final day together, and after their last good-bye hugs everyone is on their way back home. They are surely spending the afternoon taking long, hot showers and doing lots of laundry while the reminisce about their adventures had and the friendships made. We hope to see you all next summer!

CI1- last dinner

Vermont to Montreal (VM):

After a wonderful last evening in Montreal, our travelers have said “adieu” and are heading home! Today they spent their last day together driving back to Manchester where they will bid farewell to their leaders and trip mates and hello to their parents. Its crazy to think that their trip is over, but there’s always next year (Coast to Quebec, anyone?)!

VM1: Piggy Back VM1 - Ice Cream VM1 - T Shirts VM1-Shirts!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

After 12 amazing days that included kayaking in Point Reyes, surfing in Santa Cruz, service in Half Moon Bay, and, of course, hiking in Yosemite National Park, our CMC-ers are traveling back home today. Once they gave their final goodbyes and hugs, everyone hopped on their planes with plenty of stories to tell about their adventures from the past two weeks.

CMC1- last lunch

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Congratulations on 35 hours of service and an amazing trip, CSA! Blau, Thomas, and their group gave their last abrazos and said their last goodbyes as the gang boarded their flights back home. They’ll arrive with tan arms, big smiles, a handful of new Spanish words in the repertoire, and lots of stories of their adventures together.

CSA1 - dinner

Coast to Quebec A (CQA):

After crossing the border yesterday, our CQA crew is enjoying a beautiful day biking through the Canadian countryside and farmland along the River Chaudiere today. Tomorrow they will head towards their French destination and get a chance to explore Quebec before they spend the first night in their hostel.

CQ1A - Border

Coast to Quebec B (CQB):

Welcome to Canada, CQB!! Today was a big ride for this group, with 60 miles and a border crossing, but the crew was up for the challenge. The afternoon ride was full of beautiful Canadian countryside and they are all looking forward to getting into Quebec City tomorrow! We hope to get pictures of it all tomorrow! You’re almost there, CQB, one final push!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEXA):

Welcome home, DEX-sters! After enjoying their big pizza dinner out in the Old Port last night, these champs headed (solemnly) back to camp together where they were able to look back (fondly) on the past two weeks. Maybe they were planning next year’s trip to the opposite coast… California Mountains and Coast or Northwest Explorer, anyone? It should be mentioned that leaders John and Erinn were visibly upset this afternoon after the last of their group had departed.

DEX1A - last dinner

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEXB):

These rockstars are back in their own beds tonight, which means hot showers and laundry! This group spent their last dinner together enjoying pizza and ice cream in Portland, ME where they were able to explore the city and reminisce about the wonderful time they had over the last two weeks. Leaders Jonathan and Jessi reported amazing things about the trip when they visited the office this afternoon!

Dex1B - Ice Cream

 Trip ends just aren’t complete without Apo t-shirts and ice cream!

DEX1B - Sunset

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

Welcome to beautiful Glacier National Park, MSA! Today our superstars conquered a very hilly 23-mile ride into camp. They’ll enjoy the next two days off to complete service for the Park while they bask in the beauty around them. Maybe they will even take a dip in St. Mary Lake tomorrow! Enjoy the pictures, they’re a sight to behold!
MSA1 - Group

MSA1 - Leaders

Our fearless leaders, Annika and Christian!



Northwest Explorer (NWX):

Day three of the backcountry for these kiddos!! For us in the office, no news is good news! The group had an easier day today, but one that I’m sure was no less breathtaking. We hope to hear all about their journey when they get back into the front country in two days. Until then, here’s a picture from the National Park Services’ website of the area the group is in! I can just imagine it now, lunch on the rocks overlooking this view!

NWX - North Cascades

Pacific Coast A (PCA):

These bikers had a beautiful ride this morning as they traveled beside ancient redwoods through the appropriately named “Avenue of the Giants.” This afternoon they traveled inland slightly, which was guaranteed to bring a bit of heat, but nothing a swim at their campsite can’t cool off!

PC1A - Quakering

Quakering: (v). The Apogee ritual of waiting until everyone is ready to eat before meals


Pacific Coast B (PCB):

These Pacific Coasters enjoyed a beautiful ride through the redwood forest today. A portion of the journey was through the “Avenue of the Giants,” the scenic route in the Humbolt Redwoods State Park, which is encompassed by 500-2,000 year old Giant Sequoias. Their campsite tonight is in the middle of a second generation forest, promising to be an amazing spot to sleep.

PC1B - service

Yesterday’s service project!

PC1B - bikesNew rides?

Alps Explorer A (AXA):

These trippers are in for a treat tonight! After their long day of hiking they will be treated to a night in an Italian Rifugio (also known as a hostel in the mountains) where they are enjoying real beds(!) and an amazing four-course meal!

AXA - muscles AX - TMB AXA - Lakeside

No better rest spot than lakeside in the Alps

Alps Explorer B (AXB):

AXB is all smiles as they enjoyed their first real rest day of the TMB! These guys had the chance to sleep in this morning (8:30 am!) and then had the rest of the day to explore Courmayeur and enjoy the specialty of the area – PIZZA! These guys have another border crossing and four more days on the TMB ahead of them, but after today they will be all ready for it.

AXA - rest day

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECC A):

Another lucky Europe trip! These guys get a day off in, wait for it… Paris! Today they spent their day exploring everything the city has to offer, including, but not limited to, the Eiffel Tower and crêpes. They will spend the night in the city and then head back to Bar-le-Duc where they will enjoy yet another well-deserved day off.


eccaParisGreat to see you’re having fun in Paris, guys – but we have to work on the timing a bit…


Europe Coast to Coast B (ECC B):

ECCB had a long day today as they traveled to Bar-le-Duc, the second longest of their trip! Tomorrow they will train it in to Paris and have their first of two rest days before they continue on with the second half of their trip.

ECCB - baguette selfieThe baguettes are back again!

ECCB - Baguette snack

ECCB - tent

ECCB - pano

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Another day, another border crossing for our ACC crew! Today they left Mississippi and ventured into good ol’ Arkansas which means they  are through over half of the states they traverse this summer and closing in on the two week point. They are crushing it as always! Mia and Chris have reported high spirits all around. They weren’t able to get us a picture by press time, but we can report that they’re tucked safely into camp for the night.