Day 12 – Shenanigans!

A great day around the fleet!   With no preamble, let’s get to it:


CQA — Laura and Pat are rafting the Kennebec today.   They’re bouncing around in Class V rapids (Joke!   Ha, ha!) so they don’t have time to send pictures (that part is true…).   Tomorrow — they’ll be breaking out their passports and their 7th-grade French because they’ll be in Quebec!

DEX — No news is good news!   Nora, Josh and Co. are dodging mosquitoes and living the high life in the 100 Mile Wilderness!

PCB — Lucas and Anna are doing service at a Food Bank in Eureka.   We promised shenanigans yesterday due to the campground overlap between the two PC groups.   Exacting their revenge for the now-infamous DinoEggs Affair, these guys ambushed PCA (concentrating their attack on Andy, we’re told) with water balloons earlier today.   The plot will no-doubt thicken when the group gets down to Mendocino for their next overlap.

TSA — Who has time to send pictures when one is eating hand-rolled pastas and sauces made from the Estate’s garden after a hike to an abandoned castle and a bit of afternoon lounging by the pool?   I mean, how presumptuous on my part that I would even hope for a picture!   They’re on the road again tomorrow morning, making for their more rustic accommodations, and farm service project, in Pienza.

VM — Only one day away from Montreal (!), here’s a gaggle of Mason and Rachel’s crew enjoying the good life near Marieville, Quebec.   Enjoy it now, folks, it’s bright lights, big city tomorrow!

CQB — Hannah and Shem raced into Jackman, Maine today on roads like the one you see here, where they’re looking forward to their own day on the river tomorrow.   They overlap with CQA tonight — will PC-esque hijinks ensue?   Tomorrow will tell!

VH — Here’s a shot of our crew with their kayaking guides.   We’re promised that the kayaks were not submerged when the kids were actually in them….

MSA — Isn’t this a cool shot — clear blue sky, waving flags, mountains in the background, patriotic hats and an Apogee jersey?   Nice shot, people, nice shot.   These guys worked with the Boys and Girls Club on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation today at the Club’s Youth Day.

PCA – Andy and Danika’s group did a hay-ride/RV tour yesterday afternoon and kindly sent this shot along.  They did their service at the Food Bank yesterday — we received the warmest email from a fellow volunteer about their group — our correspondent said, “As a fellow Food Bank volunteer who happened to be there today, I was very impressed with the group’s cycling effort, their courtesy and respect, civic involvement,  and your overall mission.”   Very kind words – good thing he didn’t know about the DinoEgg theft…

CSA — Wyatt, Heidi, and their Well-Tanned Nine are criss-crossing Puerto Rico today.   As this shot from the ferry shows, they’ve left their tropical paradise of Vieques behind and are now headed towards Cabo Rojo.   After the rainforest and the lush jungles of Vieques, they’ll be working in the much drier Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge for the next couple of days.

ACC — Just another 96-mile day in the Mississippi heat…no big deal.   We just heard from them — they’re in safely by 4:30.   Here are several of Emily and Peter’s coterie enjoying the shade earlier today.