Day 11 – Borders, Real and Imagined

With many thanks to our Guest Bloggers Kevin, Mike and Mia, I am, for better or worse, back in the saddle.   I’m sorry to subject you all to more bad jokes, puns, and forced metaphors.

We have a new submission for trips that have not sent in pictures — KIDS (Keepin’em In the Dark Syndrome).   We’ll go with kids today, with many thanks to Cliff Struhl.   Cliff — when Kate Harvey is done with the set of steak knives we sent her, she promises to send it your way!

In the KIDS department:

PCA & PCB – Cell phone reception is spotty in the redwoods where both groups find themselves.   Danika and Andy were giving back by serving meals at the “Food for People” food bank in Eureka, California today.   Lucas and Anna’s crew were racing over some relatively “bumpy” terrain to get down to the Eureka area tonight where they will overlap with Danika and Andy’s group before service tomorrow.   I’m certain that hijinks and shenanigans will ensue this evening — there may be revenge exacted by Lucas and Anna’s folks after the Dinoeggs incident of several days ago.

CI – Because it, well, wrapped up today!   There were fond goodbyes at the hostel in Boston today.   The group enjoyed a great couple of days in Beantown and capped it off with a huge meal out at Uno’s in Kenmore Square. (This is the imagined border — because the trip ended.   See, they’re crossing from one plane into another… I know, I know, you’re already looking forward to my next day off…)

VH — Today was all business for our Vermont Hikers.   When I talked to Sam and Jillian, they were doing long-anticipated laundry in Winooski before their overnight kayak adventure that will start tomorrow.

MSA — Anna checked in with Kevin earlier.   They had a great day of riding on the high plains today — they’re looking forward to a great day of service on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation tomorrow.

TSA — These guys have left the towers of San Gimignano behind and traded them for the soft sheets and antique furniture of the Spannocchia Estate.   They’re here for the next two nights, eating home-cooked Tuscan meals, walking in the chestnut forests, and learning about the history of this amazing 13th-century estate.   Enjoy it now, friends, as you’re back to tents and sleeping pads on Thursday!

VM — Big day today — they crossed the real border into Canada.   I was delighted when I got my international text from Mason this afternoon after they had cruised into their campground around two.   They sent this picture from a rest stop south of the border.

CQA — Laura, Pat and their road-crushing fleet of fearless folks had almost 60 miles of Maine hills to put behind them today.   They sent this shot from a Snickers break this morning.

CQB — Shem, Hannah, and Co. are in high spirits this evening.   They had a tough day of riding today, but Shem said they rocked the miles and are enjoying the many delights of the greater Greenville, Maine metropolitan area.   They sent this shot this morning of their crew taking a break on a hot summer morning.

DEX — Here’s a shot of these guys at their backcountry trailhead this afternoon.   As I write, they’re already deep into the 100 Mile Wilderness.   We’re not likely to hear from them again until they emerge to conquer Katahdin at the end of the week.

CSA — Another great day of service today.   These guys kept at their school-painting project this morning, tackled a beach cleanup in the afternoon, and then found time for a little snorkeling and pier-jumping in Esperanza (nice tan, Heidi!).   In Wyatt’s words, they were blown away by their experience in the Bio-Bay last night.   An amazing way to see undersea fireworks on the Fourth of July.   They leave Vieques tomorrow for Cabo Rojo in the far western reaches of Puerto Rico.

ACC — And our third border of the day:   Pete, Emily, and their Unstoppable Horde (just coined that — what do you think?) crossed into Mississippi early this morning.   They sent this shot from the border.   I just got off the phone with Emily — under a relatively cool overcast sky, they did 75 miles before lunch today!