Day 10: Can’t Rain on Our Parade!

By Your Friends in the Apogee Office

No doubt about it, it was a wet day today in the Apogee world. While nearly all of our trips across the globe experienced some inclement weather today, spirits have remained high, and optimism reigns (pun intended…), as we all eagerly await better weather in the days to come. You won’t see a lot of sunglasses in the pictures today, but there will be no shortage of happy faces nonetheless. Enjoy (with a warm mug of tea)!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI1): Today our Capers made it alllll the way to the tip of the Cape,  where they arrived in Provincetown this afternoon. It was their biggest ride of the trip, conquering over 25 miles of hilly terrain, so they’ll sleep well tonight. Tomorrow, they have a mere two miles of riding before hopping on their fifth ferry of the trip – and this very last one will bring them to Boston!


Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA1): Sam, Zach, and their hard chargers had nothing short of an amazing day today! Happily on the beautiful island of Vieques, the group spent the morning volunteering alongside local peers at Reach for Success. After all of their hard work, the crew treated themselves to an afternoon at one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Tonight the group will have a private salsa lesson and cook a delicious meal at their hostel. image1 (6)


image3 (1)

image2 (3)

Vermont to Montreal A & B: We’re not going to sugar-coat this one – both of our VM groups had a wet day day today! Soggy, but not worse for wear, both groups are happily warm and dry as we’re going to press this afternoon. And both groups are now on the far side of the border and practicing their best “s’il vous plait.” Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any pictures in time to publish (we need good wifi to do that at this point), but we’ll have them tomorrow – from Montreal. More detailed summaries of both groups are below.

The VM1A crew continued the voyage towards Montreal today, enjoying the flat roads of the northern Lake Champlain flood plains. Evidence that nothing can keep these guys down, they spent a portion of the afternoon waiting out a thunderstorm playing games – and they still got to camp in great time! Energy is really starting to ramp up as they set their sights on Montreal tomorrow. 

The VM1B-ers completed their longest ride of the trip today, crossing the border into Canada at lightning speed. They were up at the crack of dawn this morning, and after a stout 51 miles today, the crew is going to sleep well tonight. Anna and Chandler report that spirits are very high, and excitement couldn’t be higher to reach their goal tomorrow afternoon. 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX1A): Their second day in the backcountry, the Lizzie and Rhett’s crew continued their trek through the 100 Mile Wilderness, a stretch of the Appalachian Trail where thru-hikers are challenged to hike 100 miles without stopping to resupply. Luckily for Rhett and Lizzie’s team, they’ll won’t have to cover all 100 miles, but nonetheless, they’re out there experiencing the beauty of Maine’s wilderness. We hope to see some pictures tomorrow when they’re back into cell service!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX1B):  After summiting Mt. Katahdin yesterday, the DEX1B crew has a day of rest today as they transition to the sea kayaking part of their trip. Shannon and Jared’s team resupplied, enjoyed a delicious lunch in a scenic trailhead parking lot (see below), and geared up for an exciting couple of days on gorgeous Isle Au Haut Bay.


Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS1): It’s Day 2 at the Ecolodge and the crew has been diving head-first into this cultural experience. Last night, the group capped-off a great first day with a guided night tour in search of red-eyed tree frogs. Today, they got up early, enjoyed more local cuisine from Mama Rosa, spent the morning doing more service work, and explored the rain forest with their guide, Mauricio, in the afternoon. We’re looking forward to receiving pictures from the group tomorrow when they make the trek back to civilization. Tomorrow night, they’ll be enjoying the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean!

Coast to Quebec A (CQ1A): In the face of cooler temps and a bit of rain, Kadin and Emily’s Mile Monsters conquered the hills on their longest ride of the trip: a 55-mile challenge day that took them deep into Maine’s north woods. The group enjoyed views of expansive Moosehead Lake as they rode on the remote and rolling country roads. They are sure to sleep well tonight with dreams of their Canadian border crossing tomorrow.

Note to parents: safety was very much in mind while taking this photo on these straight, sparse mountain roads!

Coast to Quebec B (CQ1B): Undeterred by a lack of sunny skies today, the Tim, Jess and the gang donned wetsuits and headed out onto the awesome Kennebec River for a day of whitewater rafting. The crew is feeling recharged and energized as they head into their longest day of riding tomorrow.


Whoa! Luna Moth!

California Mountains & Coast A (CMC1A): On their final full-day in the Yosemite backcountry, Isa and David’s crew completed their most challenging hike yet, deep in the Tuolumne Wilderness. With a big climb this morning, the group earned the epic sunset that this area is known for. Tomorrow, with light packs and strong legs, they’ll have a short hike out of the back country before hitting the road to Santa Cruz. And we’ll have the pictures to prove it!

California Mountains & Coast B (CMC1B): CMC1B had their final day of kayaking today, enjoying the warm weather and light winds. After a big breakfast, the group hit the water, and we continue to hear nothing but reports of smiles from Jessi and Nick. Tomorrow, they move onto the final stage of their trip in Santa Cruz.

IMG_1770 (1)


Jessi and Nick decided it was “Hawaiian day” in honor of their beach camping adventure

Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): Our Montana cyclists rode 38 miles today to their camp in a tiny Montana town, where (as of 2015, although we don’t expect it’s changed much since) the population is a whopping 41. The group continues to make amazing time, and spirits seem to be unwavering as they ride north. Tomorrow they will get their first view of the mountains as they approach Glacier National Park!

image000001 (1)
Guys! Don’t freak out – but there is a dinosaur right behind you!

Northwest Explorer (NWX1): Today, Erinn, John, and their Hearty Crew begin their five-night backcountry portion of the trip in North Cascades National Park. The crew will be traveling “light,” observing the Leave No Trace (LNT) principles. The LNT ethic is one that is taught on all Apogee trips and helps minimize our impact on both the ecosystems we travel through and on other visitors. We’ll likely get our next picture from these guys on Thursday when those bear canisters are a lot lighter.


Pacific Coast A (PC1A): The group had a big ride today – nearly 50 miles into the town of Eureka. Mike and Bonnie’s dynamos stopped for a bit to explore the small town of Arcata before continuing the rest of the way to their campsite. The group is looking forward to a well-earned rest day tomorrow.



Pacific Coast B (PC1B): After an amazing day riding the waves yesterday, Lindsay, Spencer and the gang got back on the ol’ saddle and completed a short (but hilly) 29-mile day and made it into camp early enough to kick back and relax. Tomorrow they’ve got one of their biggest rides yet – 54 fun-filled miles. The group is feeling strong and ready to take it on.


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX1): After their longest hike yet – 15 wet, beautiful miles from Kinlochleven to Fort William and the end of the West Highland Way – our soggy Scots kissed the statue at the end of the Way and settled into the toasty, indoor accommodations they’ll call home for the next three nights. Kakaking tomorrow!

20160709_131250 20160709_131339 20160709_131101
Look, Ma – real Scottish sheep!

Alps Explorer (AX1): Becca, Will, and their amis stayed in a lovely French refuge last night before making the biggest descent of the TMB down to the French town of Chamonix. The group had time to explore the charming, touristy town that has become the Alps’ unofficial capital for mountaineering and mountain sports. Too bad the views weren’t any good today…

FullSizeRender IMG_0655 FullSizeRender (1) IMG_0652

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC): Our had their first border crossing this morning – leaving the Dutch behind and saying bonjour to Belgium. After battling tough headwinds today, the crew is happy to be in the charming city of Bruges for their well-deserved rest day tomorrow. IMG_2414

Some of us in the office think this picture won the blog today – what say you?

America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): Riding a “short” 68 miles today, ACC1 continued to gobble the miles on their way across Alabama. They’ll have a bit more to chew on as they take on a 99-miler tomorrow – but the group is excited to be covering some serious distance.  


America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): Coming off their rest day yesterday, the ACC2 crew was pleasantly refreshed starting out on their longest ride of the trip today (93 miles) as they rode into Alabama.   IMG_2452

Setting watches for Central Time!