Day 1: Ready, Set, Go! Summer 16.0 of Apo Adventures!

Howdy folks! The sixteenth summer of Apogee trips has finally arrived and we are overflowing with joy in the office! It’s finally time to saddle up the palomino (for all those Neil Young fans out there) and head West, North, South, up, down, and around. We have a full summer of fun and adventure (and learning) ahead of us and will be updating you on all 64 trips through this nifty blog! This penultimate day of June marks the start of four trips: the inaugural Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, our Caribbean Service Adventure trip in sunny Puerto Rico, two Coast to Quebec trips here in Maine, and the first of this year’s iterations of our iconic America Coast to Coast trips! Please give a warm howdy, welcome, bienvenido, and bienvenue to our four trips as they enter the blogosphere and begin their adventures!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM1)

Our first-ever CRM crew gathered at the airport in Denver and will head into the Rocky Mountains with Gracie and Tim “Grubes” Gruber (“G-Squared”). Looks like they have a sense of humor already!

So dynamic!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA1)

Congratulations to Matthew, Emma, and the CSA squad for sending in the first blog photo of 2017! They have left historic San Juan and are cruising over to Utuado to learn about sustainable development and conservation. We’ll have plenty of non-van pics to post tomorrow, we promise!

Look at those grande smiles!

Coast to Quebec A (CQ1A)

CQA had a great meetup and safety ride in Freeport this afternoon and are ready to head to the great downeast and then into the great North with Sam and Liana!

Happiest biker gang I’ve ever seen!

Coast to Quebec B (CQ1B)

Meanwhile, CQB did the same with their fearless leaders Tina and Ezra. The only question that remains: Which of CQA leader Sam or CQB leader Ezra has the superior man-bun?

Lookin’ sharp, CQB!

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

After flying into Charleston, ACC1 donned their American flag bike jerseys and dipped their front wheels in the Atlantic (as is Apogee tradition). In a few weeks time those same wheels will be dipped or thrown into the Pacific to commemorate their incredible feat. Yeehaw!

Great strength!
Check out those steezy jerseys!

We have a ton of trips starting tomorrow, so check back to get a glimpse of our adventures around the world!