Checking In With Our Leaders: Episode 1 – Hamilton College

Blog Author:  Hannah Gensheimer

Apogee has some of the best leaders ever!  We get our leaders from terrific colleges and universities, including, to name just a few, Bowdoin, William and Mary, and Cornell.  Last year we were also lucky enough to get not one, but four amazing leaders from Hamilton College.  Three of those superstars:  Nick Geisler, Jack Messerly, and Izzy Janzen are current seniors there.  Last summer, Nick biked from South Carolina to San Diego on our America Coast to Coast, Izzy hiked with her Apogee-ians through Acadia National Park and up Mount Katahdin on Maine’s Downeast Explorer, and Jack took on Yosemite National Park on our California Mountains and Coast trip.  Last night, these guys got together to catch up, reminisce about their summer, and talk about their ideal adventures! 

Adventure Trip Leaders at Hamilton College

Jack, Izzy, & Nick – You can certainly see them coming.

[Ed. Note:  This is, for better or worse, an actual transcript of their conversation!]

Izzy: Nick, how’s senior year going?

Nick: It’s great, I’m working on my creative writing thesis based off my ACC trip last year, and it’s a road trip novel. 

Izzy: Cool.  Jack, what kind of stuff have you been doing around campus?

Jack: I’ve been doing a lot of rock climbing, and I just got back from a weekend hiking trip up in the Adirondacks. I’ve also been studying Philosophy and Quantum Mechanics, which is pretty awesome. 

[Ed. Note:  Apogee director Chad Olcott was also a Philosophy major – he appreciates this constructive use of time.]

Nick:  Jack, where do you see yourself next year?

Jack: October 24th, 2014? Um, probably doing some organic farming on the West Coast… travelling around… hanging out with my family in Minnesota? 

[Ed. Note:  Pretty typical Philosophy major post-graduation pursuits.  Students take note.]

Nick: What about you Izzy, how has Senior Year been?

Izzy: It’s been pretty sweet! I’m staying involved with the rugby team, helping to run practices, doing some beginner rock climbing, and running and biking outside a lot. I’m also studying the economic models of development right now, which is pretty cool.

Jack: Hey Nick, school is great and all, but what do you miss most about Apogee?

Izzy [interjecting]: I miss it all the time. I daydream about it!

Nick: Hmm… I miss getting to spend my entire day outdoors, especially with people who enjoy it as much as I do.

Jack: I miss all of the kids on my trip, but luckily I have a Facebook group to stay in touch throughout the year.

Nick: So, what’s your Apogee super power?

Jack: Eating any amount and any combination of foods – #nowaste.

(Side comment from friend at nearby table: “Not sure if this is a superpower or not, but Jack can also comfortably go weeks on end without bathing.”)

[Ed. Note:  The conversation soon moved on to topics more germane to college life.  Next week, another true-life glimpse into our leaders’ life when we check in with Posie, Rosa and Dylan at the University of Virginia.]