How to Add Apogee’s Website to the Home Screen of your Smartphone or Tablet

We know – you’ve always wanted an Apogee “app” on your smartphone. Well, the wait, dear reader, is over!

Follow the directions below to create a shortcut that will allow easy access to our website and, perhaps more important during the summer, to our very popular blog page. It’s easy to do (even for tech luddites such as certain unnamed members of the Apogee team…) and will make accessing our site much simpler than typing in our website address every time you want to see those great pictures from the field.

Apple iPhone or iPad users:

1. In Safari, go to either or

2. Click on the square “Box and Arrow” menu icon circled below.

3. Click on the “Add to Home Screen” icon circled below.

4. Click the circled “Add” below. (You can shorten the title of the page to just “Apogee” here, too.)

5. And – voila! – you’re in business!

Have an Android Smartphone or Tablet? Not a problem. Please click HERE for directions on how to add Apogee’s website to these mobile devices. Enjoy!