Every summer we have students that attend an Apogee program with a friend or family member. In an attempt to create the best group dynamic possible for all participants, we have implemented the following policies: 

Attending with one Friend or Family Member:

In general,* we allow students to attend an Apogee program with one friend, sibling, or other family member.

*Please see qualifications on the permitted number of friend pairs in a group and our attending-with-alumni policy, below.

Availability for Friend Pairs:

Additionally, we limit the number of friend pairs on an individual Apogee program to no more than four. 

Attending with Apogee Alumni From a Previous Program:

We do make an exception for students who met on a previous Apogee program and will allow a maximum of three such students in a 12-student group and four in a 15-student group.

Indicating Your Friend or Sibling:

If you would like to attend a program with a friend, sibling, or other family member, please indicate their name on your application in the space provided. If the trip is capped for friend pairs, we will reach out to let you know.

As always, please reach out with any questions or to check availability for friend pairs on a specific trip!