Day 36: Limericks and Camera Flics

In Apogeeland, things are swell Hiking, biking, kayaking as well, Spirits are high, The summer does fly! Read on… we have many stories to tell! Skip to a Specific Trip: AX, CRMC, CS, ECC3, GSA, IMC, MCCE, NEMC, NWX, PC, PMC, VMA, VMB Alps Explorer (AX) In the majestic Alps, under blue skies,  Our hikers see vistas that… Read more »

Day 35: Breathtaking, Gnarly, and Wondrous

Today was a day of true variety! Arrivals and departures, surfing and hiking, Venice and Lac Blanc, Icelandic ice caves and presenting final essays…our Apogee teams are doing everything under the sun today. Different types of awesome sprinkled all over the world and across a plethora of activities! Read on for some highlights from the… Read more »

Day 34: The Epic Journeys

Truly, a day full of adventures and transitions! From our ECC crews bringing their epic journeys to a close, to PC reaching California, to NEMC descending from the mountains back to the Maine coastline, to innumerable other achievements and transitions, our Apogee crews are up to fantastic things today! Skip to a Specific Trip: AX, ECC1,… Read more »

Day 33: It’s All Adding Up

From Venice adventures to Acadia hikes our Apogee trips are exploring some of the world’s most amazing places! Today’s blog gets a little technical, as we go to the numbers, taking on the challenge of calculating the massive amounts of fun these groups are having. After some high level mathematical analysis and crunching of numbers,… Read more »