The New Website is …. Live!

Good morning, World of Apogee!

I’m delighted to tell you that the new website launched overnight.  Kevin and I hope that you enjoy taking a closer look at the great slides on the home-page and all of the internal pages (where you’ll notice the biggest differences).  We’re very happy with the clean,


Tuscan Service Adventure & Vermont to Montreal – Catalog & Website Updates

World of Apogee – Greetings! As our Italian friends would say, whilst walking through any of their fine airports, “Attenzione, prego!” Attention, please!

As many of you know, we’re offering two new trips this summer, the largely introductory “Vermont to Montreal” bike tour for students 13-15; and the more challenging “Tuscan Service Adventure” – also a bike tour – for students 15-18. We’ve already had a ton of interest in both trips, but you won’t find their trip pages on the web sites just yet (they are both described in our brand new 2011 catalog, though — alumni families should have received theirs already — new families, please give us a call or email to receive yours). We should have our re-tooled website, which will include trip pages for both new trips, up by December 10 or 11…

Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoodies!

Yes, friends, it’s that most wonderful time of the year – time for the Apogee Holiday Hoody!

This year, we’ve gone with American Apparel’s California Fleece Pullover hoody — it’s all cotton — and it’s all awesome. While last year’s zip hoody was very popular, we have listened to our public and have returned to the traditional hoody look.

And Our Leader Wins!

I know many of you were unable to sleep over the weekend — and not just due to the sugar rush you were on after the sacks full of Halloween candy — but because you were so eager to learn which leader’s photo took the top spot in the Leader category of our photo contest. Well, friends, you’ll sleep well tonight, because this is the moment — allow me to introduce you to the very best leader photos we received this season.