Day 11 – Borders, Real and Imagined

With many thanks to our Guest Bloggers Kevin, Mike and Mia, I am, for better or worse, back in the saddle.   I’m sorry to subject you all to more bad jokes, puns, and

Day 10- Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Blog enthusiasts! Our groups are celebrating all over the world! Read on for further updates from the field…

Day 9 – Group Shots

Greetings faithful Apogee Blog readers.   Kevin here.   Chad, my partner in crime, is taking a much deserved day of rest this Sunday, and so the task of summing up the day’s events (for better or worse) falls in the hands of yours truly.

Day 8 – Saturday, Saturday!

Lots of great pictures from around the world today, my friends!   And — perhaps equally important — an outstanding acronym for the trips