Day 15 – They’re Gr-r-r-eat!

Hello dear Apogee Blog readers! As being a guest blogger is turning into tradition, it is Mike here that gets to bring you today’s exciting events! I got to hear from everyone on trip today, and They’re Gr-r-r-eat! The wide world of Apogee had a busy Saturday, so lets get down to it…

Day 14 – Full Steam Ahead!

With adventures ending, beginning and continuing, the transition period continues today in the Apogee realm!

Day 13 – Baby Carlos and His Hill-Climbing Buddies

Today, Faithful Reader, is the last day without a trip ending or starting until July 20.  We have a lot of transitions coming up!   It’s been a busy day around the world, lots of hills

Day 12 – Shenanigans!

A great day around the fleet!   With no preamble, let’s get to it:


CQA — Laura and Pat are rafting the